What golf clubs should you carry?

What golf clubs should you carry? 

Legally, you can only carry 14 golf clubs. So what 14 are you carrying and what will help your game most.

Each golfer is different in their approach, but you should choose your clubs that will give you the best chance to score low.

My current golf bag 

Driver - 9 Degrees Stiff Flex

3 Wood - 15 Degrees Stiff Flex

4 Hybrid 

4-PW Iron Set - Stiff Flex

52 Degree Gap Wedge

56 Degree Sand Wedge

60 Degree Lob Wedge

Blade Putter

I will rotate out clubs based on the course, the conditions and how my game is feeling on a particular day.  I like to throw in a 2 driving Iron or 1 Iron often when it becomes really windy. On a day that its fairly wet I may swap out some low irons like my 2, 3 and 4 and replace with all hybrids.  I own far more than 14 golf clubs which gives me more options to take on a certain type of golf course and varying conditions I may.

I would love to hear what is in your golf bag and do you carry only 14 golf clubs.

So what is in your bag?

Get your BombTech clubs now!

Thanks for reading.

Tyler "Sully" Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder since 2012 


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  • M1 Driver
    M2 3 Wood
    M2 Hybrid
    Mizuno MP18 – 3 Iron
    Mizuno MP25’s – 4-PW
    Taylormade M2 49°
    Volkey 56
    Volkey 62
    Scotty Futura

    Jim on

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