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What golf clubs should you carry?

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What golf clubs should you carry? 

Legally, you can only carry 14 golf clubs. So what 14 are you carrying and what will help your game most.

Each golfer is different in their approach, but you should choose your clubs that will give you the best chance to score low. My current bag, Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4-pw, 56 sand wedge, 60 lob wedge and a putter.

Dan Rudershausen Driver, 3w, 5w, 4h, 5-P, 50,56,60, putter

Chris Gould Driver 3w 2&3 hybrid 4-PW, 52&58 wedges and putter

Landon Black Driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 4-PW, 50*, 56*, putter

Umberto Trulla Nickent special edition 12° Driver-Nickent 7DX 5W -Nickent M2 driving iron 18.5°-Nickent 7DX Hibryd 22°- Nickent 7DX PRO 4-PW - Taylor made ATV 54° & 58°- Olyo counterbalance putter.

3 Up Dr, 4w, 3hy, 4hy, 5-pw, 52*, 56*, 60*, putter

Luke Tuzinski D 3w 3h 4i-sw putter

Jon Michaels Grip it and Rip it Driver, controlled driver, weak 3 wood,4-PW,52 wedge,54 wedge, 58 wedge and putter

Ed Murr Grenade, RBZ 3w & 3h, R9 4-pw, ATV 52*, 56* & 60*, TM110 Ghost putter.

Jack Sofie 10 deg Driver or strong 3w- 5w, 4i, 6i, 8i, pw, 54deg SW and a putter, but only 8 clubs total.

Chris Bache Grenade, Titleist 910f 13.5, Titleist 5w, Titleist 714 AP2 3-PW, 50, 56 Scotty Cameron

Nicholas Vanoverbeke D... 3w..3h.4-pw. 52..55..58.. p

Curtis Guillot Dr, 3w, 2i-h, 3-w, 52°, 58° , and the Scotty

Zach Carver Little driver, big driver, 3w, 4H 5-PW, GW, SW, LW, flat stick

So what is in your bag??

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  • M1 Driver
    M2 3 Wood
    M2 Hybrid
    Mizuno MP18 – 3 Iron
    Mizuno MP25’s – 4-PW
    Taylormade M2 49°
    Volkey 56
    Volkey 62
    Scotty Futura

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