Detailed Guide to Improving Your Iron Game

Being certain of your iron game is one of the fundamentals of golfing, alongside making sure your driving skills are up to par. There are many things you can do to improve your play with irons, but you should first pay attention to the fundamentals of using different irons, and then proceed with other tactics and strategies concerning playing with your irons.

Also, at one point, you should consider purchasing a set of best golf irons for 2021, no matter if you’re a beginner with a 20 handicap or a more experienced player looking for an additional edge. Everyone deserves a great set of clubs, no matter their skill. But, let’s first take a look at what you can do to improve your iron play before purchasing fresh clubs. 

How can I improve my iron play?

The formula for improving your iron play consists of several smaller things that add up to provide a comprehensive plan that will help you change and improve the way you play with your irons. That formula consists of five important aspects, and not all of them are strictly connected to the swing, the stance, or the follow through. 

Preparing a strategy

Strategic prowess is key to becoming a proficient player with irons. Envisioning adequate strategy will allow you to have sufficient wiggle room, which means that even if you botch your shot you still have plenty of opportunity to get back on track with the next one and reach the score you were aiming for. 

The first thing you should incorporate into your irons strategy is to try and aim for the middle. Also, always try to aim in such a way that you avoid hazards at all costs. Finally, think of your iron shots in advance and set a clear direction for all the shots you’re planning to make during every hole. 

Finally, pay attention to avoid making the single biggest mistake most amateur golfers make, and that’s aiming for the flag at all costs. Instead of targeting the flag and risking it coming short and plugged in the bunker, use a 6 iron to position yourself beautifully for a 300-footer birdie. Play carefully but with determination without rushing it. 

Mastering your pre-shot routine

Sticking to the same pre-shot routine before each of your iron shots is a great way to acquire the necessary preparation that will allow you to hit your iron shots with a high level of consistency. A good routine consists of the following: 

  • Planning: Assess the location of the hazards, the location of the pins, and the yardage before deciding on the shot you’re going to make. Also, don’t forget to take wind, temperature, elevation, and firmness of the green into account.
  • Imagination: As silly as it sounds, imagining your shot before you make it can go a long way to actually making the shot you’re looking for. 
  • Commitment: Finally, commit to the shot you’re planning to take. No second thoughts, no questions whether or not it’s the shot you need. Make your decision, stick to it, and follow it through. 

Keeping your emotions in check

Nobody’s saying that you should eliminate your emotions while playing golf and preparing for your iron shots. However, while you should allow yourself to feel both frustration and anger in case of a bad shot, you should not allow it to overflow you and influence your subsequent shots.

Give yourself some time to vent, but then bottle the negative thoughts up and approach your iron shot calmly and determinedly. If you let your emotions run wild, you will find it exceedingly difficult to return to proper form and continue making the tough shots. 

Paying attention to the strike

The way you strike the golf ball with your irons is perhaps the most important part of making the shots you have in your mind and that you’ve planned in advance. While you can mishit your shots both horizontally and vertically, it’s important to first focus on horizontal striking. 

Failing to properly stroke your ball and hitting it out the toe could hurt you and make you lose as many as 10 yards. Sometimes, mishitting horizontally is the only thing that sends your ball shorter than you were intending. That is why it’s vital to practice hitting your shots out the center and ensure you minimize the potential for horizontal mishits. 

Maintaining proper technique

Finally, you need to hit your balls with the proper technique in order to send the golf ball flying how and where you want. While proper iron technique is a complicated topic, it can be separated into the following four parts:

  • Set-up: Favoring your lead side will give you an increased potential to create a later low point.
  • Pivot with the body: Don’t sway too far away from your target during your backswing, as this will give you low low point control.
  • Control of the club face: Having an open club face further negatively affects low point control, which is why you need to pay attention to getting your club face square. 
  • Weight shifting: Try to shift your weight toward your target and use good sequencing during this part, which will help you hit the golf ball better.

Who provides the best new golf irons for 2021 to boost my game?

If you’re trying to find a way to boost your iron game, the first thing you need to do is to take an in-depth look at the most important pieces of advice that will provide you a chance to drastically improve your iron game. However, once you read through all the advice there is, and learn about the fundamentals of a great iron game, it’s time to find the perfect irons among 2021 golf club releases and find the clubs that work best for you. That is where BombTech steps in. 

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