Playing Irons: What Are the Basics & How Can I Add Variety?

Mastering the basics of playing with irons and ensuring you add sufficient variety to your iron game is an important step forward in boosting your play with different irons. Being proficient with the various irons in your bag is just as important as perfecting your driving skills. Some would say even more important, but that’s up to debate. 

However, irons remain a vital part of every golfer’s arsenal of shots, and you need to pay attention to the fundamentals. First, learn how to perform solid shots, then add some variety to your iron play, and then find the best golf irons for 2021, no matter if you play with a low handicap, mid handicap, or a high handicap. But, for now, let’s focus on the basics. 

What are the basics of solid iron shots?

In order to develop a solid iron game, you have to start with the basics. However, the basics do not always concern your stance or your swing. We’re going to take on a different approach and provide you with a couple of important tips on what you should and should not focus on when playing irons.

Don’t shy away from divots

The best iron shots come from the hit while the club face is descending, which is why you should not be afraid of divots. While finding and replacing hunks of turf during your iron shots can be exhausting, it is certainly worthwhile. 

It’s normal for the bottom portion of the club face to make contact with the ground as you’re completing your swing. Attempting to avoid this will either cause your club face to make contact with the golf ball at a higher-than-desirable point, or cause scooping. This will produce low shots that lack any backspin. 

Distance isn’t everything

When driving, it’s normal to do all you can to maximize the distance you’re able to achieve. However, iron play is rather different from driving both in terms of technique and the goals you’re hoping to achieve. That is why you should not strike your irons for distance. 

The key to great iron shots is to make your swing as comfortable as possible and to tone it down to about 75% power. You should try to maintain control over the distance and aim for precision not range. 

Be aware of the average yardage

In order to get the most out of every iron in your bag, you need to know how much different irons can send the ball flying and, more importantly, how far you can strike the ball with each iron. Being aware of the average distance of your iron play will help you determine which iron to use depending on the specific situation on the golf course. 

Know the sound

If you don’t exactly know if you’re hitting the ball well with your irons, you should always try to listen for the sound that your club face makes when striking the ball. The sound of a good iron shot is one of the signs that you’re making progress in the right direction. The more you hear it, the more your technique is improving and the better at iron play you're becoming. 

How can I add variety to my iron play?

Once you’re aware of the importance of the basic concepts of quality iron game, it’s time to move on to adding variety to your arsenal of iron shots. The more varied your iron game is, the more situations in golf you’ll be able to resolve favorably. Take a look at the three ways you can add variety to your iron play. 

Punch shot

Any golfer who is looking at lowering their handicap has to be familiar with the punch shot and know how to execute it flawlessly. This is a low shot with an iron that golfers usually hit with a swing that is less than full. 

This shot comes in handy in different sitautions because it allows you to hit the golf ball out of the wind and makes the ball easier to bounce. Choke down on the grip and move the position of the ball back in your stance. 

High draw/fade

In an ideal scenario, you will gain the ability to hit the golf ball high while curving its trajectory in both directions. High shots tend to stop quicker, which provides you the capability to attack different hole locations without opening yourself up to the risk of the ball bouncing off.

However, this is probably the shot that is most challenging for the majority of golfers. Most players have the ability to hit an iron shot in a single direction, but it takes a lot of practice to turn the shot in both directions. But, putting in the time and the effort into perfecting high draws and fades will help drastically improve your iron play. 

Go-to shot

Finally, you should have perfect fate in a single iron shot that you are certain will not fail you when you need it most. This is the shot that you fall back on in case you’re nervous, you’re facing an exceedingly difficult position, or you’ve simply temporarily lost faith in your abilities. Even if it might not be the perfect shot for your particular situation, you should always have one iron shot that you know you can pull off no matter your current state. 

Who offers premium golf iron sets for sale that can help improve my game?

Mastering your iron game is about three things – understanding the basics of solid iron play, mastering the fundamentals of playing strongly with irons, and adding as much variety to your iron shots as possible. Once you’ve done all that, you can think about doing the fourth important thing concerning irons – finding the finest best golf iron for 2021 available on the market and purchasing them in order to take your game to the next level. That’s what we’re here for!

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