Top 7 Tips for Better Driving Skills

As a recreational golfer, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your driving skills. You want to boost your driver accuracy and distance to hit more fairways. But driving isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Yes, the main principle is to improve your clubhead speed in order to increase distance, but many golfers seem to struggle with gaining more yards of the tee, even with the most forgiving driver they could find in 2020

In order to help you hit straighter, longer, and more consistently, we’ve prepared 7 expert driving tips. Read on! 

Why is the driver so hard to hit

There is a reason why keeping tee shots in the fairway can be challenging for the average golfer. Drivers are the lowest lofted clubs in your bag, designed to create the highest ball speed. Because of this, driver shots are prone to straying off more than shots that are hit with lofted irons and lower speeds. 

How can I increase my driving distance?

If you’ve decided to improve your driving accuracy and distance, you’re in luck. Here are top 7 tips for boosting your driving skills: 

1.Go for a wider stance and tilt your spine 

As the longest and lowest lofted club in your bag, the driver has a bigger swing arc and, in turn, produces more speed than any other club. This is why a solid base is needed to balance the swing and achieve greater accuracy. Make sure to set up your stance so that your shoulders extend downwards to the inside of your feet. This will boost your confidence and balance when you begin to increase clubhead speed. 

Unlike the iron swing which requires you to strike down on the ball, a driver swing requires you to hit up on it. This is because the golf ball is set on a tee in a driver swing. In order to hit up on the ball properly, you should try tilting your spine slightly at address, with your left shoulder slightly higher than your right. This will also help improve your driving distance. 

2. Increase the loft 

Many golfers seem to think that the smallest possible amount of loft will produce the best shots. This is not always the case. In fact, using more loft on your driver will enable you to better launch the ball with low spin and hitting up on the ball. If you’ve kept your loft amount low, try experimenting with higher lofts to see if you can get more yards. 

3. Practice with both a lighter and a heavier club

If you want to increase your distance, you’ll have to swing your club faster. An effective way to train your driver speed is to practice with a lighter club. This is because your body has both fast and slow twitch muscles that both have an important role in your swing. A lightweight golf club will help activate the fast twitch muscles. You can practice this by swinging an alignment stick as fast as you are able to 5 times, using your standard stance. Make sure to focus on producing a “swoosh” sound with your club on impact as you accelerate in the downswing as quickly as you can. 

On the other hand, practicing with a heavy club can also be very beneficial. In addition to swinging a lighter club, get two irons and practice 5 swings using both clubs together. This will be significantly heavier than the lighter alignment stick you used, helping you further train your fast twitch muscles. Switch back and forth between light and heavy clubs for the best results. With time, you’ll develop muscle strength and achieve higher clubhead speed when you use a normal iron. 

4. Devise a training routine 

Fitness is an important part of achieving great driver distances. Any type of training program that aims to increase your overall fitness can bring you direct distance benefits. However, you should make sure to include stretching exercises in your routine to combat the loss of strength over time and achieve more flexibility. You can begin by stretching for the first five minutes of your routine and you may see amazing results after just one week. 

5. Lower your spin rate 

Many high handicap golfers have spin rates that are excessively high. This is often because they have a downward strike on the golf ball which produces excess backspin. To combat this, you should hit up your ball with the driver and hit the ball with a low spin and high launch. You can achieve this with the ball equator slightly above the center. 

6. Try bad posture  

Yes, you heard that right. Arching your back, relaxing your shoulders and leveling your hips may not look all that pretty, but it can help you improve hip mobility. This “arching cat” posture can help you unlock a few extra yards with your driver, however counterintuitive it may sound. 

7. Hold your finish position 

If you are able to hold your end position, you’ll be able to approach the golf ball with an appropriate swing path, have a more square clubface at address, and achieve a consistent swing rhythm. You can practice this by hitting 5 shots and holding the finish for at least 3 minutes. This will increase your balance and speed substantially.

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