Golf Putters 101: All You Need to Know

Every golfer knows the importance of the putter and its significance for solid and efficient play on the green. However, the putter seems to be one of those clubs that’s just not in the spotlight as much as it should be. It’s quite often you hear a fellow enthusiast rage about their new driver and the never-before-seen distances they’ve managed to achieve with it. It’s similar with other clubs as well, all of them, it would seem, except the putter.

However, you’ll rarely hear a golfer talk hours about the awesome Volcano Torched Blade Putter they just found for sale at a really great price. And that’s just not how it’s supposed to be, which is why it’s time to learn more about what a putter does, why it’s essential, and what you should look for in one. 

What is a putter in golf?

The putter is a golf club that has a loft below ten degrees and which is designed primarily to be used for on-green putting. Basically, the putter is the club every golfer uses when they get really close to the hole. It’s the one club you use in golf during every hole and the club that finishes your play. Additional rules regarding all putters, including the Volcano Torched Blade Putter, are: 

  • It has to be at least 18” long and there are no restrictions to the maximum length of the club
  • The width of the clubhead cannot exceed 7”, while the height has to remain below 2.5”
  • The width of the club mustn’t be greater than that the depth of the club, but it has to exceed ⅔ of the head depth
  • Markings on the face of the putter should not include raised lips or sharp edges

When should you use a putter in golf?

The sole purpose of the putter is for golfers to use it on the green for their final, close-up shots. However, that’s not all a putter can do. The usually short length of the putter and its flat face make it one of the easiest clubs in your arsenal to hit properly. This means that you should not shy away from using it even when you’re several steps away from the green, in the first rough cut. 

How do I perform proper putting?

Putting is one of the seemingly simplest shots you can pull off in golf. Even if you botch it, chances are you won’t end up as far away from the hole as you fear. However, as simple as it may seem, putting is anything but and it requires proper form and ample practice to pull off right. 

You need to spend time and time again on the green, putter in hand, before you start feeling confident in your skills. If you’re set on attaining proper putting motion and skill and bringing your short game to the next level, there are several crucial aspects you pay attention to: 

  • Motion: Successful putting is all about the smooth, correct, and consistent motion through the shot. After sizing up the green and preparing your shot in your head, focus on doing the following with your new Volcano Torched Blade Putter
    • Place the golf ball near your front foot and allow your arms to be loose. 
    • Remember to lightly grip the putter.
    • Keep your hands level before you strike the ball
    • Slowly pull your putter back, hinge your arms with your shoulders, and keep your elbows and wrists firm. 
    • Maintain identical tempo through your entire swing. 
    • Strike the ball during your upswing and feel your palms striking toward your target.
    • If the strike resembles a roll more than it resembles a hit, you’re on the right track. 

How do I choose a golf putter?

Choosing the right putter is all about choosing the right one for you. Your choice of this club is closely affected by your preferred method of putting. Some players implement the straight back, straight through way, while others use the arc stroke method. From there, you have to consider the following aspects: 

  • Picking the right head shape – blade, mallet, or high MOI. 
  • Choosing your putter shaft and its length. 
  • Selecting the face of your putter from insert, milled, or face-balanced options. 
  • Assessing the lie and loft angle. 
  • Choosing a putter that’s just the right weight for you. 

The features you need in a golf putter

However, while it’s you who’ll be doing the putting and you have to putt with a club that feels good in your hand, there are still some features your putter must have. Some of the essential features you have to look for in your putter of choice are: 

  • Weight of the head of 360 grams allows you to really feel your stroke. 
  • Length of the shaft of 34 inches for a universal grip and hit. 
  • 2 alignment aids for easier aiming.
  • A finish you’ll enjoy looking at. 

Who designs & makes high-quality Volcano Torched Blade Putter available for sale?

Taking the time to properly choose your putter is essential, as it’s the one club it all boils down to during each round of golf. For example, the Volcano Torched Blade Putter is one of the best choices you can make. Besides a high-quality putter, you should also assemble a high-quality set of hybrid golf clubs and think about purchasing a driver and 3 wood bundle with the same shaft length. This way, you’ll have the right tools for the beginning of your journey. 

However, while you’re at it, don’t stop there and assemble an entire collection of top golf clubs. First, find premium single golf irons and choose the ones you use the most. From there, purchase a top-quality set of golf wedges with the 52, 56, and 60 degree clubs. Finally, see if your game would benefit from using an all-black set of golf irons

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