What Is a Hybrid Golf Club Set & Why You Should Use One?

What Is a Hybrid Golf Club & Why You Should Use One

A hybrid is a special type of golf club that's designed to combine the best traits of both woods and irons while still differing from both. It's more forgiving for off-center strikes and more versatile when used from the rough, fairway, and tee, making it an excellent overall choice for most players.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at these clubs and help you decide whether hybrid golf clubs are right for you by answering some frequently asked questions. Read on.

A Brief Overview of Hybrid Clubs

The original hybrids appeared in the early 2000s and were called "rescue clubs" due to being effective when it came to getting a ball out of the rough. This was made possible by a number of distinctive features, including:

  • Low centers of gravity
  • 16 to 27 degree lofts
  • Wide, low-profile soles
  • Steel or titanium faces
  • Graphite shafts

Is a hybrid golf club worth it?

Absolutely. The truth is that many players find it hard to hit long irons (numbers 1-4). This is mainly due to their longer shafts and their small heads, both of which require greater speed and precision to really get the ball into the air. Some players attempt to solve this problem by replacing their irons with fairway woods, but may not necessarily be ideal due to the woods' longer shafts.

The best hybrid golf clubs bridge this gap by having a head that's not as deep as that of a wood, but is still significantly deeper than that of an iron. This puts the club's center of gravity further back. Combined with the trampoline or impulse effect provided by the concave's face, this allows for greater height and less rollout.

All of this enables the average player to send the ball flying in ways they wouldn't be able to reliably achieve with an iron. This is so useful that even advanced players have started using them on a regular basis.

Do hybrids go farther than irons?

Hybrids generally travel 8-12 yards further than equivalent irons. That being said, this is greatly reliant on the consistency and accuracy of the individual taking the shot. Since most players carry either an iron or a hybrid, making a direct comparison can be hard.

The reality is that, due to being more forgiving of mis-hits than irons, most players will be able to consistently send the ball farther when using hybrid golf clubs.

What hybrid replaces a 7 iron?

Most hybrid golf clubs are numbered after the equivalent irons, so a 7 hybrid would serve as a replacement for a 7 iron, a 3 hybrid would replace a 3 iron, and so on. Unfortunately, the numbering isn't as clear cut when it comes to comparing hybrids to woods.

In most cases, the following applies:

  • 1 hybrid = 4 wood
  • 2 hybrid = 5 wood
  • 3 hybrid = 7 wood
  • 4 hybrid = 9 wood
  • 5 hybrid = 11 wood
  • 6 hybrid = 13 wood
  • 7 hybrid = 15 wood
  • 8 hybrid = 17 wood
  • 9 hybrid = 19 wood

Should high-handicappers use hybrids?

Due to being easier to use than irons, getting the best hybrid golf clubs you can find is an excellent option regardless of whether you're a low- or high-handicapper. Throughout your practice, you'll likely develop a particular shot with your hybrid that you can count on to achieve acceptable accuracy and distance.

While this shot may not be the ideal choice in every situation, it's absolutely your go-to option in those matches when you've already had a bit of bad luck or hit some less-than-stellar shots. In these situations, your hybrid will act as your safe option that boosts your confidence, keeps you from getting demoralized, and helps you get the game back on track.

Because of this, even if you eventually decide to replace some of your hybrids with more challenging clubs, you'll still probably want to keep a few hybrids in your bag.

How far will a 4 hybrid go?

The max distance depends largely on your skill, expertise, and strength. That being said, most male golfers can expect to get about 175 yards out of their 4 hybrids, while female golfers typically reach about 150 yards.

Here are the average distances when using a hybrid:

  • 1 hybrid - 220 yards (men), 190 yards (women)
  • 2 hybrid - 200 yards (men), 175 yards (women)
  • 3 hybrid - 190 yards (men), 160 yards (women)
  • 4 hybrid - 175 yards (men), 150 yards (women)
  • 5 hybrid - 160 yards (men), 135 yards (women)
  • 6 hybrid - 155 yards (men), 120 yards (women)
  • 7 hybrid - 140 yards (men), 110 yards (women)
  • 8 hybrid - 130 yards (men), 100 yards (women)
  • 9 hybrid - 110-120 yards (men), 90 yards (women)

Where can I purchase the best hybrid golf clubs online?

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