I am pumped to talk....Bombtech Irons

What’s up guys Sully here owner of BombTech Golf with our newly designed BombTech irons. Same performance just a brand-new look coming at you. We took your feedback from the last year and a half with our grenade design that a lot of people thought looked like a keyboard. It’s all good, my heart is broken, but it is all good. We made it a brushed aluminum badge for you.

We designed these irons to have a traditional mid topline, so they don’t look overly fat. But then we wanted to make a large uncut cavity, so that helps you get airborne easier. Also, will help you with off center hits, which I need a lot of help with. With the weight placements here, you’re of center hits are going to be more forgiving and not be as damaging.

My favorite part about the BombTech irons is we have got an unsupported face, so it is very hot. So high COR (Coefficient of Restitution), you get a high rebound effect, so they will go deep. We have got traditional lofts on here nothing jacked up at all. We have got a 4 through pitching wedge set. So these are overall designed to be super forgiving, accurate and easy to hit guys. Thank you so much and as always, they are back with a 60 day on course guarantee, so you can try them for yourself on your course against any iron you want. Pull the pin!


Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

BombTech Golf Owner and Founder

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