Limited Edition Custom Golf Driver

Limited Edition Custom Golf Driver

BombTech Golf is excited to offer our first limited edition custom golf driver. We are not going lie, we love the original paint scheme. But it is time to offer something loud, wild and a design that embraces its name, the GRENADE. This 100% custom, 1 of 1 limited edition golf driver will be available via live auction. Highest bidder wins!

Although BombTech golf specializes in performance golf equipment, custom paint isn't our specialty. To bring this Grenade to life, we have partnered with WICKED GOLF DESIGNS.

Here is an introduction to WICKED and why they do what they do.

About one year ago, Wayne Strickland, a Gardner, Massachusetts native, started painting his own golf clubs as a hobby. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion and a legitimate business.

Since going official with Wicked Golf Designs, the company has hit the ground running. Having a background in automotive painting paired with a love for the game of golf, Wayne wanted to combine the two and bring his creative vision to life. His mission: to breathe new life into worn down golf clubs through a custom paint job and bring an added spark of uniqueness to any customers new set of clubs; all at an affordable price.

Whether customers have a specific custom design in mind or simply want their clubs to look as if they were recently purchased, Wicked Golf Designs provides a premium service at and affordable price to golfers far and wide. Wicked’s services range from fresh paint fillings to club shaft wraps and re-grips. Wicked Golf Designs: fall in love with your clubs all over again and Golf Wicked!

Will there be more limited edition BombTech Golf clubs? Only time will tell!

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