How to Put Together a Good Golf Club Set?

Putting together a set of quality golf clubs is important for beginners and experienced players alike. You should pay attention to selecting good game improvement irons, choosing a suitable driver for your driving speed, and inform yourself about which pitching wedge to put in your golf club set. However, choosing clubs for your set is only one part of putting it together.

There’s more to a golf club set than just the clubs. While a good rule of thumb is to always buy the best golf club set for sale you can afford, you should also pay attention to some other aspects when looking for a set of golf clubs.

What makes a good golf club set?

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a single set of golf clubs that is ideal or best. Almost all golfers have their own distinct styles, swings, speeds, as well as needs and requirements, and the qualities that make a complete golf club set for sale good are individual and differ from golfer to golfer. And that is where problems might occur.

In order to purchase a set of golf clubs that will work for you, you need to be familiar with the clubs themselves, their parts and components, and the ways in which they can impact your game. 

Clubs are what make a set good or bad, and these components are what make those clubs suitable or unsuitable for you. That is why it’s important to become familiar with the four main parts of every golf club, learn how they affect your golfing, and choose the right clubs for you based on the characteristics of every single club.


Grips is the part of the club you hold when swinging. The single most important quality a grip should have is that it allows you to swing strong and fast without losing control and having the club slip from your hand. 

Some golfers with big hands prefer the sensation of a thicker-than-standard grip. Also, grips come in different sizes, as well as with different textures. While there are some combinations that are suitable for most golfers, you should have clubs that feel good in your hand. 


Shafts is the pole that goes from the grip of the club to the head of the club. They can be made from stainless steel, graphite, or other metals, depending on the manufacturer and the club itself. Most modern clubs implement graphite shafts for faster swinging speeds and lighter weight.

Shaft flex is also an important aspect of every club, as it creates a whipping effect during the swing, enabling you to send the golf ball flying faster and farther. Choosing the clubs with the shaft flex that suits your speed and style can help you improve your game. 


The hosel is the part of the golf club that connects the head and the shaft. It determines the club’s lie angle, which is the angle between the shaft and the sole of the club. Some golf clubs offer an adjustable hosel, while the majority of manufacturers produce clubs with a fixed hosel designed for optimal performance. 

Club head

The head of the club is the component that actually makes contact with the golf ball and sends it flying. The head consists of different components, including: 

  • Top edge
  • Back
  • Trailing edge
  • Leading edge
  • Face
  • Sole

All these components work together to improve your range and swing speed. That is why you should purchase a club with a head designed for top performance. Also, make sure your swing feels good. 

How do you put a set of golf clubs together?

Now that you know what golf clubs are made of and how that can help you select the ones for your set, let’s take a look at the characteristics of a golf club set and what you should pay attention to when assembling your own set of golf clubs.

Number of clubs

For practice sessions, you can take as many golf clubs as you want with you. However, during a game, you are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 different clubs. You can also choose to carry fewer clubs if you prefer, but you should not have more with you.

When creating your set, make sure you don’t overdo it with how many clubs you purchase. Buy the clubs you need and play with, ensure you have enough clubs to add variety and range to your game, and keep in mind that it’s better to spend money on fewer high-quality clubs that to splurge on the clubs you will end up never using. 

Choice of clubs based on your skill level

There is often talk of “clubs suitable for beginners” or “best beginner golf club set for sale”. However, you should not heed any attention to it, as both beginners and experienced players alike deserve a premium set of golf clubs that will be with them for many years and allow them to constantly keep improving their game.

That is why you should mostly pay attention to the clubs that feel good, that are durable and well-built, and that provide plenty of room for personal growth. Limiting yourself with a set of “beginner” clubs will only see you spending more money soon on a set of good clubs that will help improve your game. 

Price of clubs

Finally, price is something that, on the one hand, you have to take into consideration and, on the other hand, you shouldn’t. Obviously, you cannot and should not break the bank assembling a set of clubs. 

However, you should also not purchase cheap golf clubs of questionable quality just to save a bit of money. Those clubs will need to be replaced soon, and you will spend additional funds on new ones. That is why it’s always better to pay a little more for high-quality clubs that feel great in the hand!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, if you’re a mid-handicapper on their way to scoring even better, or a low-handicap player looking for a fresh set of clubs that feel good. You should always choose golf clubs that will help you boost your confidence and game further, that boast a high build quality for better durability and longevity, and that incorporate modern advancements in golf technology.

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