What You Should Know About Pitching Wedges

There are many important things to know about pitching wedges, as well as wedges in general, if you’re looking to improve your game. You should be familiar with the reasons to carry a lob wedge, know how to put backspin on your wedge shots, and learn what different degree wedges are mainly used for. Wedge shots are important, and they separate proficient players from complete high-handicap players.

However, most new players make the initial mistake of only focusing on finding the best slightly oversized driver to purchase and trying to improve their driving distance as much as possible. While the initial shot is certainly important, it is a mistake to focus on a single aspect of your game. That is why it’s worth taking a closer look into the details of versatile super game improvement pitching wedges.

What is a pitching wedge for?

The pitching wedge, or PW, as it’s often abbreviated, is a golf club whose loft is closest to the nine iron, and it is usually included in any golf iron set you choose to purchase, no matter the manufacturer. That is why the pitching wedge is often considered to be the most common, as well as the most versatile of all the different types of wedges.

The main use of the pitching wedge is for shots that are outside the range of about 100 yards. While a golf pro can easily hit a pitching wedge as much as 140 yards, the average amateur golfing enthusiast is more likely to hit it 100 to 105 yards maximum. This makes shots with the pitching wedge overt 100 yards difficult for a mid-handicapper. 

The main reason behind the importance of the pitching wedge is its aforementioned versatility. A pitching wedge can feel like an iron in your hands while allowing you to pull off tricky shots from a distance without too much of a strain.

Also, a pitching wedge is very frequently used around the greens for “chip-and-runs” and other shots, as it offers a high degree of control over shorter shots as well. The pitching wedge remains a vital club, and one every aspiring golfer should practice most.

What degree is a pitching wedge?

In today’s world, there are many options when it comes to choosing the anatomy of your pitching wedge. It is important to pay attention to the bounce of your pitching wedge, and opt for one with a low bounce, as it allows for more control over the golf ball. Also, low bounce prevents you from overly digging into the dirt while impacting the ball

However, it is also vital to know what the most suitable loft degree for a pitching wedge is. In recent years, lofts have become a lot stronger, which makes it even more important to properly choose the loft of your pitching wedge.

The average loft degree for a pitching wedge is between 45 and 48 degrees. It’s advisable to, at least in the beginning, choose your pitching wedge with an average loft degree. Think about going for a pitching wedge of 47 degrees to make your shots a bit easier at the expense of minimal loss in distance. 

How far should you be able to hit a pitching wedge?

The distance a golfer is able to achieve with a pitching wedge mostly and primarily depends on the golfer and their own skill with the club. But, the average distance most non-professional golfers achieve with their pitching wedges is around 100 yards.

However, it is also worth taking a look into how far golfing professionals are able to hit a pitching wedge. Pro golfers achieve the average pitching wedge shot distance of 130 yards, with some pros being able to get the distance of 110. 

This can give any amateur golfer a rough idea of what distance they can hope to achieve if they keep practicing their pitching wedge game and purchase a high-quality pitching wedge that will allow them the control they need and help them get the distance they want. 

BombTech super game improvement pitching wedge will help you dominate the course

Becoming savvy with your wedges takes time, practice, and dedication to actually working on your wedge shots. Many players, especially those on the way to a mid-handicap game, tend to avoid adequate wedge practice altogether and focus on other shots. However, be aware that once you master your wedges, your game will improve dramatically.

That is why BombTech has worked hard to design, develop, and manufacture the finest super game improvement pitching wedge, among other game improvement wedges. We want you to have forgiving wedges that will help you perfect all your wedge shots, but also offer premium wedges that will last you long into the low-handicap territory. 

We’ve poured our heart and soul into our wedge sets, and it shows when you pick them up and start making the toughest of shots. However, if you’re not completely happy with our wedges, feel free to contact us within 60 days for a complete refund. We’re here to help you golf better. Call us now!

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