A Guide to Oversized Drivers

Looking to purchase the most suitable golf driver for yourself means you’re looking into improving your average driving distances and boosting your game. Your driving is extremely important for lowering your handicap, and it’s a vital part of a mid-to-low handicap golfer. Just as you should know how to apply spin to your wedge shots, you should know how to drive properly. 

However, in order to apply good spin to your wedge shots, you need a set of high-quality wedges, including a premium versatile pitching wedge. The same is true for your drives. In order to advance your driving, you need to purchase a premium driver and secure easier, longer shots. But, have you ever considered going for a slightly oversized driver golf club? There are benefits to reap from going down that road, so let’s get better acquainted with oversized drivers

What is an oversized driver?

An oversized golf driver is a driver that features a club head that is larger than the standard driver size. The entire point behind a golf driver with an oversized club head is to add forgiveness to your opening shots and help you get more distance even if your driving skill is not at the highest level.

However, you have to take into account the fact that most oversized golf drivers for sale are considered illegal because they do not conform to the R&A and USGA rules. According to these rules, any 460cc or larger driver is not allowed for official competitive use.

That is why, if you’re looking to improve your drives by opting for a driver with a larger-than-usual club head, you should only consider a slightly oversized 450cc driver that still conforms to the rules and regulations. There is no point in increasing the distance of your drives if you’re doing it by bending the rules.

What is the biggest size driver head?

There isn’t a single answer to the question of the biggest driver head. On the one hand, there is the maximum driver club head size approved by the USGA. On the other hand, there are some pretty crazy drivers out there with pretty outrageous club head sizes.

  • Biggest legal driver head size: The maximum driver club head size that the USGA allows is 460cc. Also, the COR rating has to be under .830.
  • Biggest illegal driver head size: When it comes to drivers not allowed by the USGA, their head sizes can go up to 750cc, or more.

However, there is little point in improving the range of your drive by using the largest possible driver for the job. Although some significantly oversized drivers will allow for easier shots, they will also be too forgiving to allow for any real improvement to your game. Stick to the legal drive head sizes if you can. 

Are oversized drivers better?

There are three big benefits to using a slightly oversized driver. However, be mindful that you should not go over the top when it comes to the club head size. The sweet spot is around 450cc head, and the maximum legally allowed club head size is 460cc.

These head sizes will provide you with all the important benefits of using a driver with a slightly oversized head, and eliminate any potential drawbacks of opting for a driver with the club head size of 500cc and more. The three big advantages in question are:

  • Mistakes: Drivers with slightly oversized club heads are more forgiving to the mistakes you could make.
  • Distance: Drivers with larger head sizes will send the golf ball flying further by applying more speed. 
  • Hits: It’s a lot easier to hit a golf ball with a driver with a larger club head size. 

What does 450cc driver mean?

Before shedding some light on what 450cc means in the golfing world, let’s first explain what the abbreviation “cc” actually stands for. The “cc” stands for “cubic centimeters”, and it is a measurement unit used for measuring volume. The higher the volume, combined with specific gravity, the larger the object in question. 

In golfing terms, the “cc” indicates how large the head of a golf club is. The driver, being the club most affected by the size of its head, is usually referred to in terms of its volume. The 460cc drivers feature the maximum head size as prescribed by the USGA. 

The 450cc golf driver has a club head smaller than the allowed minimum, but also a club head that is just oversized enough to provide all the benefits of large club heads, without any immediate drawbacks. That is why the 450cc volume for your driver is probably the best option if you’re trying to improve your driving game and achieve greater precision and distance with your tee shots. 

Boost your game with a BombTech premium slightly oversized driver golf club

Do not shy aways from trying out a slightly oversized driver at the golf course. While it might seem like a non-standard solution for the opening shot, purchasing a high-quality oversized golf driver for sale can significantly boost your drive and open up new possibilities for you at the course.

However, in order to get the most out of your slightly oversized driver, you need to know which club to buy and which manufacturer to choose. This decision used to be a lot more difficult before BombTech came to the scene. Our BombTech 3.0 Driver leaves very little to be desired, both in terms of its performance and appearance. 

It looks like it means business, it sounds great, it feels superior in your hand, and it will give you an edge over the competition. We offer all our premium clubs at reasonable prices by eliminating the middle-mand and working directly with our customers. Plus, we provide a 60-day opportunity to return any of our clubs if you’re not satisfied with them. Reach out to us today!

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