Golf Wedges: How Do I Spin Them?

When incorporating golf wedges to their golf club sets, people don’t tend to consider adding high-loft golf wedges to their sets. However, these lob wedges add plenty of dimension to your game, and they can help you perform easier spins once you get the hang of it.  That is why you should check out some 72 degree wedge reviews and see why you should start using them ASAP. 

But, before making the purchase, you should also know which mistakes to avoid when buying certain golf clubs, and be familiar with how many wedges you actually need in your golf club set besides your 72 degree wedge. Then, once you have them, let’s see how you can add some spin to your wedge shots.

Why do my wedges not spin?

If you’re constantly trying to get your wedge shots to spin, and constantly failing, it’s easy to get discouraged. And, while you’re thinking about all that you could be doing wrong, there are usually five main reasons behind your wedge shots not getting enough or any spin:

  1. Poor contact on impact: You have to make solid contact with the ball during the shot. This means hitting the ball on the clubface center, and making sure the lie is clean and that the club will not first make contact with the grass.
  2. Low clubhead speed: You need to hit the ball harder in order to make it spin more. The higher your clubhead speed is, the more likely you’ll place more spring on your wedge shot. 
  3. Wet face and dirty grooves: Friction creates backspin, and in order to ensure maximum friction between your wedge and the ball is to clean the grooves on your wedge and keep the face of your wedge dry, because water also lowers friction.
  4. Incorrect golf ball: There is a reason why the prices of golf balls differ. Quality golf balls have a urethane cover instead of a surlyn one. Urethane is softer, which allows for a deeper contact between the grooves and the golf ball, putting more backspin to your wedge shots.

How do you backspin on a wedge shot?

Now that you know what you might be wrong with your wedge shots, it’s time to take a look at some tips that will help you put backspin on your wedge shots. Here’s what you need to do if you’re looking to improve your wedge play by adding backspin to your shots:

  • Take the golf ball and position it right in the middle of your golfing stance.
  • Place roughly 60% of your weight forward and toward the target.
  • Try to keep your swing short.
  • When you strike the ball, try to accelerate through it.

These seemingly easy backspin tips are easy to learn but difficult to master. You need to spend some time practicing the slightly different stance necessary for wedge backspins until they become easy enough to perform correctly. 

What is the best wedge for backspin?

One of the most important considerations you should have in your mind when looking for the wedge to buy in order to add more backspin to your shots are the grooves on your wedge:

  • Grooves: You should keep up to date with the latest wedge designs and focus on the grooves. Modern milling processes and different groove shapes help keep dirt and water away from the grooves, helping you create more friction and backspin.

However, you should always give the final thought on whether or not a golf wedge is good for backspin based on how you’re managing. Some wedges will suit you better, while others won’t, no matter how great their grooves are. Only after trying out a wedge can you know with certainty if it works for you or not. 

Where can I buy the finest 72 degree golf wedges & other golf clubs?

Top-quality golf wedges are difficult to find, especially if you’re looking for a modern Grenade 72 degree golf wedge. High-degree wedges are excellent for further advancing your game, as they add new tricks to your golfing arsenal, and they will help you transition to a more proficient player. But, with so many wedges of less-than-premium quality out there, where do you find a good one?

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Give our golf wedges a try, we’re sure you’ll love them. However, if you find they do not suit your playstyle, don’t worry, you can return them 60 days from your purchase. Reach to us today and get the best wedges of your life!

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