The 5 Dos and Don'ts of Golf

So you've finally decided to get into golf. You've spent some time on the practice range, learned the basics, and purchased a great set of golf clubs from the best online golf equipment store you could find. You're having lots of fun, and why not? It truly is a great time to be a golfer! 

However, no matter how enthusiastic you are, you will soon notice that golf is vastly different from most other sports both in the way it's played and the way players are expected to behave during a match. This can sometimes make it feel daunting or even intimidating for newcomers and even some high handicappers.

To help you make your golfing experience as pleasant and as hassle-free as possible, you can go over a list of 5 major dos and don'ts of golf. Understanding these unwritten rules will help bolster your game and make your experience on the course that much more enjoyable. 

What is proper golf etiquette?

Although it may seem complex at first, the unwritten rules of golf etiquette are really quite straightforward and tend to become second nature after you've played 10-20 rounds. 

Here are 5 common dos and don'ts of golf:

1. Warm up

  • DO give yourself time to warm up. Show up at the course 30-45 minutes before teeing off and spend some time practicing your hits. 
  • DON'T warm up with every club. While warming up, focus on your wedge, putter, and driver. Don't waste too much time warming up with golf clubs you rarely use, such as your 3-iron to your 7-iron.

2. Order of play

  • DO know when it's your turn. The player who scored the most on the last hole always gets the first hit, then the player who scored second-best, and so on. If two players scored the same, the honor goes to the one who scored the most two holes back, etc. For the rest of the hole, the player who's the farthest from the hole gets the first turn.
  • DON'T take too much time. Pick 1-2 fundamentals before the round begins and focus on them for the duration of the round. Don't do more than two practice swings before taking your shot.

3. Equipment

  • DO invest in a quality set of golf clubs, as this will both improve your game and give you an overall more satisfying experience. These days, finding golf shops online that sell superbly-made golf clubs that offer an excellent balance of performance vs value is easier than ever.
  • DON'T buy a cheap golf club set or splurge for the most expensive set you can find right off the bat, as neither of these options is cost-effective for the vast majority of golf players.

4. Positioning

  • DO keep an eye on other players' positions. Make sure none of the other golfers are near the path of your shots. This is especially important if you're a high handicapper, as you're unlikely to hit consistently predictable or straight shots. If your shot sails into an adjacent course, shout "Fore!" to warn the players at the other course.
  • DON'T stand too close to a putting or hitting player, or stand in their putting line. Doing so is not only a safety concern, but can also distract or annoy other golfers. A good rule of thumb is to stand 10 or more feet away from players who are currently hitting or putting.

5. Mind the course

  • DO rake your bunkers and repair divots. Use a sand bottle to shake a layer of sand onto the divot after tearing out a chunk of turf out during a swing. 
  • DON'T wear shoes with metal spikes as these can damage the course.

What is an appropriate list of clothes to wear on the golf course?

Most golf clubs have a dress code that dictates the required golf attire for men and women in the clubhouse and on the course. Otherwise, you can't go wrong by following the guidelines listed below. If you don't already own some of the items we listed, you can order them from reputable golf equipment online stores.


  • DO wear white, black, or khaki colors. 
  • DO wear golf shorts, but make sure they aren't too tight and that they fall to just above your knees.
  • DO wear skirts, dresses, and shorts if you're a woman, but make sure they fall no more than two inches above your knees.
  • DO wear pants, but make sure their bottoms kiss the top of your footwear.
  • DON'T wear pants with pleats or cuffs.
  • DON'T wear sweatpants, jeans, cargo shorts, yoga pants, and other athletic wear.
  • DON'T wear mini skirts or booty shorts.


  • DO wear a sleeveless golf shirt if it's hot outside and you're a woman. 
  • DO wear polo or collared shirts and keep them tucked into your bottoms.
  • DON'T wear t-shirts, tank tops, halters, bathing suit tops, or tube tops if you're a woman.
  • DON'T wear shirts with too-long sleeves that cover the elbows.
  • DON'T wear anything that shows cleavage.


  • DO wear golf shoes with hard plastic, rubber, or other non-metal spikes.
  • DON'T wear street shoes, sandals, or boots.


  • DO wear layered clothing such as sweaters, light jackets, vests, windbreakers.
  • DON'T wear oversized clothes of any kind.
  • DON'T layer with sweatshirts, hoodies, or denim jackets.


  • DO wear a visor, cap, or straw hat.
  • DO wear moisture absorbent golf socks that match your bottoms.
  • DO wear a belt that matches your pants or shirt.
  • DO wear polarized sunglasses.
  • DO wear a waterproof watch.
  • DO wear golf gloves and simple jewelry.
  • DON'T wear long earrings or necklaces.
  • DON'T wear beanies, fedoras, or cowboy hats.

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