13 Interesting Facts About Golf

Did you know that according to official statistics more than 24 million people have played golf on a real golf course around the world, or that golf is the tenth most popular sporting activity in the entire world? And that’s just the beginning of some of the strangest golf facts most people have no idea about. 

While golfers tend to focus on buying golf wedge sets or pitching wedge golf clubs online, they rarely stop to explore the more fascinating facts about this incredible game. And that’s a shame, because there’s so much to learn about golf that would make your head spin. However, we’re here to correct this injustice and show you a whole new side of golf. 

What are some interesting facts about golf?

We all pretty much know what golf is and what playing it looks like. This is no surprise as it’s popular around the world. However, amateur golfing enthusiasts rarely explore the inception, evolution, interesting facts, and other information about the game they enjoy so much. That is why we’re here to tell you some unbelievable golf facts and trivia.

1. Scotland is the birthplace of golf

While it’s known that Scotland is the place where golf was invented, nobody really knows that much about the early days of this amazing sport. The theory about when golf was invented that most pundits accept is that golf came to be sometime in the Middle Ages. 

2. But the name for golf comes from another place

Yes, the Scots are in charge of inventing the game, but it’s actually the Dutch word “kolf” or “kolve” that served as the inception for the name. This word refers to a club, and it was probably introduced to Scotland at a certain point in time before getting adapted to their pronunciation. 

3. Golf was banned

Speaking of Scotland, they seem to have had a love-hate relationship with golf, as they banned it three times because the government held a firm belief it would interfere with military training.

While this might be strange from our modern point of view, knowing the fact that people would play golf in the street during the early days would explain why those in charge perceived it as a great nuisance. 

4. The chance of a hole-in-one are slim

However, not as slim as most people would think. The hole-in-one is the dream, the one achievement most enthusiasts dream about, if only for bragging rights. This is extremely difficult to achieve, but perhaps not as difficult as we all thought. 

The chances for hitting the hole with your opening shots are not seven billion to one, but a more attainable 12,500 to one. Difficult, but not impossible. 

5. Feathers and leather had their place in golf

The original golf balls were made using wet feathers to wrap leather. However, it soon became evident that they were not exactly foolproof, so experts started researching and experimenting with different materials for making golf balls. 

6. Golf is a bit peculiar

In fact, it’s probably the only ball game in existence today that doesn’t have a standardized court of playing area. In fact, golf courses come in all sizes, shapes, and difficulties depending on the terrain configuration, which makes the game constantly changing and interesting. 

7. The number of holes

While the number of holes for a golf course can vary, most courses have 18 holes divided into two categories of 9 – the back nine and the front nine. This is also the most common tournament format. 

8. The modern golf ball

We all know what a modern golf ball looks like, but few of us know what actually inspired the look and feel of today's golf ball. The inspiration came from banged up and nicked gutties, which also came in handy, as small nicks on the surface of the ball help stabilize its flight. 

9. Golf holes are not stationary

Contrary to popular belief, golf holes do not remain in the same place at the course forever. In fact, groundskeepers move them on a regular basis to keep the greens on the course in good condition throughout the year. 

10. The first female player

Now, you might think that the first female golfer was sort of a recent development, but it was not. Mary Queen of Scots actually loved golf and was an avid player who always tried to find enough time to play a couple of rounds, which earned her the nickname the Mother of Golf. 

11. The first handicap system

Another lady is also in charge of the way most people play golf today – the handicap system. In 1893 Issette Pearson invented this system to try and level the playing field between proficient and less experienced players, as well as allow female and male players to play together. 

12. The average duration of the course

While there is no way to say how long it will take a player to complete a standard 18-hole course, it generally takes between five and six hours to finish a round of golf. However, the duration can vary due to the difficulty of the course and the skill of the player. 

13. Golfing superstitions

One of the most common superstitions connected to golf is that using a red tee will make your shots inaccurate. Also, golfers never wash their golf ball if they’re having a great game. They believe that washing the ball will change their luck for the worse. 

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