7 Habits of a Proficient Golfer

Golfing is more than just shots and equipment. Sure, it’s great to learn how to hit long and accurate drives and it does feel great when you finally find that perfect 56 degree wedge for sale at an affordable price. But, becoming a good and, more importantly, consistent golfer requires you to start developing proper golfing habits that will boost your game. 

However, most people focus on practicing their shots and finding clubs that match their style and forget about the minor details that improve their game. That's why we’re going to divert your attention in another direction and give you a selection of golfing habits that will help you take your game to the next level. 

What golfing habits should I develop?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started playing golf, or if you’ve spent years doing it and you’re looking to master your 56 degree wedge – it’s never too early or too late to start developing habits that will make your game more consistent. Take a look at the seven most important habits every golfer should pay close attention to:

1. Creating a pre-shot routine

As superficial as it can seem, creating a consistent routine before making your shots actually has numerous benefits for your game. First of all, going through a familiar routine can help reduce the pressure before the shot by making your body feel comfortable before the club hits the ball. 

Also, a pre-shot ritual will eliminate any negative thoughts you may have and grant you additional time to focus on the shot you’re about to make. Finally, you get a chance to visualize your shot as you’re going through the motions. Remember to make your routine your own – don’t try to copy anybody else but do what works for you. 

2. Staying present in the moment

Golf is a physical activity, but it is also a mental one. There are many external and internal factors that can affect your game and your shots. For example, you can focus on the wind that just picked up as you were approaching your ball, or you can ponder on that missed opportunity with your 56 degree wedge a couple of holes back. 

All these negative thoughts can affect your next shot, which is why it’s vital to keep your head in the moment and prevent your thoughts from wandering. Only pay attention to the shot you’re making now and block all other thoughts from entering your mind. Mastering this will grant you calmness before playing the shot, which often translates into a better play. 

3. Having a positive attitude

Staying in the moment is only a part of the correct mental attitude you should have when playing golf. The other part is trying to stay positive at all times. However, it can be really tough to keep a smiling face if your game is not really going as you thought it would. One thing that helps is practicing positive self-talk and remembering that no golfer plays perfectly all the time. Forget the past and focus on making your next shot count!

4. Setting clear goals

Setting goals and replacing them with new ones as you achieve them is paramount for ensuring your game doesn't remain stagnant but keeps improving. The best way to approach the goals you set is to make a difference between two types of goals:

  • Short-term goals: These are goals you can achieve more easily and that keep you motivated towards achieving your greater potential. 
  • Long-term goals: There are the most important goals you set and that take a lot longer to master.

Also, make sure to set different goals for different parts of your game and to make sure you keep clear track of your progress.

5. Envisioning a strategy

Every golf course is different and it comes with its own distinct set of challenges. You should develop a habit to carefully study the course before you start playing and to pay attention to even the smallest, seemingly trivial details. 

This allows you to create a strategy for dealing with the potential difficulties of the course and help you make easier work of it. Just note that the strategy can change as you begin to play and that you should remain open to mixing it up as you’re advancing through the course. 

6. Practicing with intent

Practicing is important for improving your game, but only if you practice with a specific intent. Taking the time to do numerous shots with the 56 degree wedge you just bought will only get you so far without a clear strategy for all of your practice sessions. Always practice towards a single aim and dedicate your practice to mastering different parts of your game per session. 

7. Being more adaptable

Finally, you have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to become the best golfer you can be. This means trying out new things and replacing your current arsenal of shots with new ones if they work better. You have to be flexible to improve, and you have to constantly be on the lookout for new easy to enhance your game. 

Which company offers the best 56 degree wedge for sale?

There’s more to golf than just picking up a club and going out on the field. In fact, there are many important aspects you should consider, such as learning how to buy a quality set of clubs, and then finding out how to adequately clean your clubs to maintain performance. You should also try to get to grips with the rules of golf handicap so that you know how to calculate yours. 

And all this before you even start thinking about the more important aspects of golf, such as getting physically fit to boost your shots and improving distance control of the shots in your arsenal. Golf is a complicated sport with plenty of important details that you have to master in order to become better and better at it. However, let’s start with the basic – clubs.

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