How to Properly Clean Your Brand New Men’s Golf Club Set

There’s more to golf than just trying to perfect your pitch shots. For example, advanced golfers looking for a deeper understanding of the game start learning about the rules, including getting into details on golf handicaps. Not everything is about browsing men’s golf club sets for sale trying to find the best one for you. Golf is about other things as well. 

One of those “other things” is taking the time to properly care for your golf club sets and cleaning them thoroughly. This will preserve their quality and allow you to keep making good shots with them for a long time. Let’s take a detailed look into how you should clean your golf clubs. 

Why should I clean my golf clubs?

Putting in the time and effort into maintaining your clubs is important for three reasons:

  • Storing away dirty golf clubs without taking the time to clean them will significantly impact their durability. Purchasing new clubs means you expect them to last for many years. However, if you choose to store them damp and muddy, you will lower their life span.
  • Also, clubs have to be completely clean in order to provide maximum performance. Dirty club heads make it a lot more difficult to hit precise, long shots. The groves are especially important for this, as they impart spin, which means you will lose a lot of control if they’re dirty or clogged.
  • Finally, you must not underestimate the psychological advantage clean and shiny clubs bring as you step onto the field. And you need that extra dose of confidence as you approach your first drive of the day. 

How often should I clean my clubs?

There isn't a specific rule that states how often you should clean your set of men’s golf clubs. The amount of dirt they accumulate depends on several factors, such as the weather and terrain conditions during your session, as well as the amount of time you spend in sand or tall grass. 

Also, the more you play and use your clubs and equipment, the more frequently you should clean your complete set of men’s golf clubs to keep them in the best condition. That being said, you should try to tend to your clubs as frequently as possible and always keep them clean to ensure longevity and optimal performance. 

What equipment do I need?

While you could come to a hasty conclusion that you need specialized equipment for cleaning your clubs, there’s no need to visit the shop. Cleaning your clubs effectively requires only the following equipment you probably already have lying around:

  • Bucket with warm water
  • Dishwashing detergent or soap
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Cloth and a towel
  • Steel or chrome polish

How do I clean my clubs?

Now, it’s time to take a look at how you should approach cleaning your men’s golf club set. We put together a list on how to clean the most important parts of the different types of clubs you have in your bag. 

Cleaning the head on irons

First, let’s see how you should clean the club head on your irons: 

  • First, take some dishwasher liquid or soap and pour it into your bucket of warm water. Don’t use water if it’s too hot, and don’t pour too much washing liquid into it. A couple of teaspoons will suffice.
  • Take your club and place the head into the water for approximately 10 minutes. This loosens the dirt and allows you to clean them more easily and without damaging them. The dirtier the clubs, the longer you should leave them soaking in the water. 
  • Once you’ve loosened the dirt, take a soft brush and clean the head of every club. You should pay special attention to thoroughly cleaning the groves, but don’t neglect the rest of the head. 
  • Once you’re done, wash the head under running water and then take a dry towel to dry your club head. Storing wet or damp clubs can lead to rust. 
  • Finally, if you want to give your club heads a final touch, take some polish and rub it on in circular motions before removing. 

Cleaning the head on metal woods

The process of cleaning the club head on metal woods is very similar to the process of cleaning the heads of your irons. However, you should not let your metal woods soak in water and you should not clean them under running water. Instead, use a damp brush to clean the head. 

Cleaning wooden clubs

The best way to clean your wooden clubs is to avoid soaking them in water and to use a damp cloth for wiping and cleaning. Also, pay utmost attention to storing your woods only once they’re completely dry. 

Cleaning the grip and the shaft

Cleaning the shafts and grips is rather easy. However, you still need to be gentle and not damage these parts of your clubs. For the shaft, simply clean it with a damp cloth. You can clean the grip with a soft brush and some gentle soap before wiping it with a dry cloth. 

Who offers the best men’s golf clubs complete sets for sale?

Cleaning and keeping care of your clubs is an important part of your game. In fact, it’s equally vital as the seemingly “more important” aspects of your golfing, such as assembling a good set of golf clubs, improving your hits with irons and drivers, and getting to grips with the minutiae of golf spins

Cleaning your clubs is essential for ensuring they keep serving you well for a long time and that you keep pulling off all those tricky shots. However, cleaning can only get you so far, and you should first pay attention to the clubs you buy in the first place. Only go for a premium manufacturer of high-quality clubs such as BombTech Golf. 

We offer a varied selection of premium golf clubs for golfers of varying skill levels. We believe that each and every enthusiast deserves a club that feels good and performs better. We do not separate your equipment into different categories – it’s all of the highest possible quality. Plus, our online-only model allows us to cut the overhead and offer lower prices. Check out our stock!

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