In-Depth Guide to Mastering Your Golf Pitch Shots

Pitching is one of the essential golfing skills, and one you should definitely have in your bag of tricks. It can help you get out of more than a couple rough spots as well as make some otherwise difficult shots a bit more forgiving. However, talking about golf pitch shots is easier than actually knowing how to properly do them. 

In order to adequately hit different golf pitch distances and perfect your golf pitch swing you first need to learn more about what pitching actually is and how you can hit a standard pitch shot. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is a pitch shot in golf?

A golf pitch shot is a shot that golfers play using lofted clubs. Pitching is a method that is specifically designed to go over a relatively short distance, but with an extremely steep ascent and descent. Pitch shots are mostly played to get into the green from a distance of approximately 40 to 50 yards or closer. 

How do you hit a basic pitch shot?

Pitching is sort of the gray area of golf. There is a lot of conflicting information on the various aspects of pitching, from controlling your golf pitching distance to modifying the trajectory of your shot. And that’s bad, especially when considering the fact that a pitch shot is one of the most difficult shots in golf that requires a lot of proper practice to get right. 

However, you can make your pitch shots easy enough if you remember one thing – keep it simple. At least in the beginning. Once you start getting the hang of it you can try out different techniques when trying to perfect the golf pitch swing. Until then, you can try the following to get to grips with basic pitching:

  • Remember the three C’s of pitching – center, center, and center. Position your weight center, place the ball at the center of your stance, and put your hands and the shaft in the middle.
  • Once your C’s are in place, position your feet approximately only two clubheads apart and try keeping the lower portion of your body quiet while you’re swinging. 
  • Ensure that you hit down on the ball.
  • If you would like to attempt to vary the distance of your pitch, try:
    • Changing the length of your swing
    • Modifying the pace of your swing
    • Choking down or up on the club
  • Also, keep in mind these additional tips for making successful pitch shots: 
    • Visualize your shto
    • Try to pick a good landing spot
    • Set your clubface square
    • Choose the length of the backswing
    • Maintain normal tempo and try to accelerate

What is the difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot in golf?

Many experts consider the short game to be the most important aspect of golf, and it is here that you should be familiar with the differences between a golf pitch vs chip. While these two golf shots are often used interchangeably with one another, that is in no way correct. 

Pitch shots and chip shots are different in the sense that the golf ball behaves differently after a chip than it would after a pitch. The main difference is this – chip shots roll farther than they fly, while pitch shots fly farther than they roll. Depending on the terrain, a pitch or a chip will cover longer distances. If the terrain is steep, a small chip can roll a long way. 

When should you chip or pitch?

If you’re close to the green, and you’re wondering whether to try a golf pitch shot or a chip shot, it’s important to know when to use one, and when the other. Let’s take a look at when to chip, and when to pitch:

  • When you should chip the ball: Use chip shots if:
    • The golf ball is extremely close to the green with as little as 15 feet between the edge of the green and the hole.
    • The ball is five yards away from the green, there are no large undulations or sand, and there is at least 20 feet of available green.
    • The green is very slow and allows a running shot.
  • When you should pitch the ball: Use pitch shots if: 
    • There is a difficult sand trap between your ball and the hole.
    • The ball is five yards or more away from the green and you have less than 20 feet of putting surface to work with. 
    • The green is very fast and requires a lofted shot for additional ball control. 

Which club should I use for pitching?

If you have a lot of green and no serious obstacles in front of you, you can use a pitching wedge to hit your golf pitch shots. However, if you need more rollout around the green, you can use a gap wedge. If the obstacles are big, or if the hole is closer to your position, switch to a lob wedge or a sand wedge. 

Which golf pitch wedge can help me perfect my golf pitch swing?

Golf experts say that mastering your pitch shots requires practice, practice, and then some more practice. And we agree. However, with one important difference – you need to practice with the right equipment that won’t hold you back and that will allow you to keep improving at a good pace. At BombTech Golf, we know and understand how important high-quality clubs are for both high and low-handicap players. That is why we have made it our mission to manufacture a range of premium-quality golf clubs and equipment golfers can rely on. 

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