Golf Spin: What Is It & How Can I Increase It?

When you get to thinking about putting enough golf spin on the ball, modifying your golf spin angle, and increasing your golf spin rate, that’s a sure sign that you’re becoming a more proficient golfer. However, actually mastering all the aspects of spin in golf is certainly a tall order, and one that requires time and dedication. 

Before closely inspecting various golf spin rate charts, first learn more about the spin itself, its types, and the clubs you should use if you’re aiming for maximum spin. Here are the staples of spin.

What does spin mean in golf?

Spin in golf refers to the movement of the golf ball that makes it rise higher in the air. The dimples on the golf ball work similarly to wings of an airplane. They create many rushes of air across the golf ball that go in different directions and at varying speeds, depending on the golf spin angle you applied. 

As the air passes across the dimples on the golf ball, it creates low pressure zones. The air beneath these zones pushes upward and allows the ball to soar higher up in the air. The rule of thumb is this – the higher the golf spin rate, the higher up the ball will fly. 

What are the two types of golf spin?

There are two types of spin in golf – backspin and sidespin. Each of these spins is suitable for different situations and is used with different intentions. Let's see what backspin and sidespin are and how they affect the trajectory of the golf ball.

  1. Backspin: Backspin is backwards rotation of the golf ball. It lifts the ball into the air as it rotates backward. This type of spin requires the golfer to hit the ball using a downward blow with a clean contact. The more backspin there is, the higher the trajectory. Less backspin on the ball makes it fly lower. 
  2. Sidespin: Sidespin is the rotation of the golf ball on its side. While some golfers like using sidespin for specific shots, it is generally considered an unfavorable occurrence. However, it is almost impossible to always hit the ball straight and most shots have some degree of sidespin. Too much sidespin equals a hook or a slice, while a little equals a draw or a fade, depending on the side of the spin.

How does golf ball spin affect distance?

The easiest way to determine how the rate and the speed of your golf spin affects your distance is to consult a golf spin rate chart. For example, compare your 7 iron swing speed with other parameters in the chart and see how far you can potentially send the ball flying with how much backspin. 

Also, there are two factors connected to golf spin that affect the distance you are able to cover with your shot while applying spin – spin rate and launch angle.

  1. Spin rate: The higher the spin rate, the further upwards the ball will fly, shortening the distance of your shot. 
  2. Launch angle: Launch angle depends on the amount of loft you apply. More lof means a higher launch, which increases the height of the ball flight, lowering its distance. 

How do I increase spin rate on my golf clubs?

If you’re struggling with applying enough spin on your shots, and you want to learn how to add more spin and variety to your game, there are several things you can do. Besides practicing adding spin, here’s what you can do to ensure best conditions for applying spin:

  • Make sure your grooves are sparkling clean and that the clubface is completely dry.
  • Choose a golf ball that allows for more spin.
  • Choose a wedge that has good texture on the face besides the grooves.
  • Try to make clean contacts with the ball and find the proper grind and bounce on your shots.
  • Choose turf with a receptive green.

What wedge gets the most spin?

If you’re looking for a wedge that will allow you increased golf spin rates at different golf spin angles, there are several characteristics you should pay attention to. Here’s what you should consider when looking for a wedge for improved spin: 

  • Higher lofts improve golf spin
  • Laser-etched grooves optimize friction
  • Finishes specifically designed to rust over a period of time can impart additional spin
  • A new wedge always adds more spin than a wedge that has seen more than a hundred rounds of golf

Who manufactures clubs that offer the best golf ball spin rate to boost my spin game?

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