Driver Swing vs Iron Swing 101: How to Hit Consistent Drivers & Irons

Understanding the difference between a driver and a driving iron swing is one of the greatest challenges a golfer must overcome. Since every golf club has a unique set of guidelines that players must follow to correctly strike the ball, true understanding of the game only begins once the player has internalized the setup and swing of every club in the bag. 

In this article, we’ll help you achieve more consistent results by addressing some common issues golfers run into with these two swings. Read on. 

Is a driver swing the same as an iron swing?

Let’s look at the crucial driver vs iron swing differences: 

  • During a driver swing, the golfer uses a low lofted club to swing up at a ball that’s teed in the air. The ball has to be placed inside of the front heel, while the handle of the club has to be right behind the ball. This causes the ball to fly up into the air and achieves the high carry driver swings are famous for.
  • Unlike the driver, a driving iron swings down on the ball that’s lying on the ground. In order to strike the ball before the ground, the golfer needs a more narrow stance and a centered iron. When done correctly, this enables you to make a divot after striking the ball.

Many golfers are unable to find the right driver swing speed, while others regularly hit their drivers better than their irons. 

Why do I hit my driver better than my irons?

Before you start adjusting your technique, take a moment to consider your equipment: specifically, your club’s shaft. If the shaft in your iron club isn’t well-suited for you and your golf swing, then you’ll always have trouble hitting that shot consistently well. 

If your club isn’t the problem, you’re likely making one of these 3 mistakes:  

  1. Incorrect setup. Your iron posture is absolutely critical. Stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Keep your weight on the arches of your feet, then bend your hips while keeping your back and shoulders relatively straight on the same angle. Your hands should be right underneath your chin line.
  2. Improper weight shift. Many golfers only shift their weight during the backswing to the back leg, and then fail to shift enough weight back to the lead or front leg. This results in reverse pivot and a lifting or scooping action in the downswing that makes it hard to achieve a consistent iron swing
  3. Too much secondary axis tilt means that your right shoulder tilts back too much from the target during the downswing. This causes you to lose lag and the ability to strike the irons flush. This isn’t such a problem during driver swings, but it can completely kill your irons.

Why do I hit my driver far but not my irons?

Chances are, you’re either not using the right clubs for your iron swing, or you’re making one of the 3 mistakes listed above. Examine your iron swing plane and posture, and then go from there. 

Here are 3 tried-and-true tips to improve your irons:

  • Tip #1: An iron swing is supposed to catch the ball on a descending motion. To do that, you should always make sure the ball is positioned in the center of your stance.
  • Tip #2: You need to shift your pressure (weight) back and forth during your swing. Start with extra pressure on the front foot, shift it to the rear foot during the backswing, and then shift it back to the front foot during the downswing. 
  • Tip #3: Refrain from pulling on the handle during the downswing instead of letting it swing outwards. While this does create some lag, it makes it hard to control distance. If you’re regularly taking big divots with your iron swings or you struggle with distance control, you’re probably making this mistake. 

Is a driving iron easier to hit than a driver?

The main difference between a driver and a driving iron is the construction and shape of the club head. Driving irons are low, lofted irons that enable golfers to reach long distances off the tee. The ball trajectory with the driving iron tends to be lower to the ground compared to a driver. 

Drivers are typically the longest clubs in any golf bag and tend to have the biggest head of any club. They’re used when the golfer wants to make a driver swing that sends the ball as far as possible toward the green (typically during the first stroke from the teeing ground). 

Each club has its own advantages and disadvantages:

The pros of driving irons:

  • They’re great for windy conditions because they enable golfers to hit long, low shots that don’t get too high into the air.
  • They make it easier to keep the ball below tree branches and other obstacles without having to sacrifice swing distance.

The cons of driving irons:

  • Beginner golfers often find them hard to use.

The pros of drivers:

  • They provide longer shots than wedges, irons, or woods.
  • They’re the best club to hit off the tee if the fairway is tight or if there are hazards near where you’re aiming.

The cons of drivers:

  • It’s one of (if not the) most difficult clubs in the bag to use.

The question of whether a driver swing is harder or easier to hit than a driving iron swing comes down to personal preference and skill. Ideally, a golfer should strive to be consistent with every club in their bag, so as to be able to make the optimal swing in every situation. 

Should you swing harder with a driver?

Most golfers are taught from the get-go that “killing the ball” is almost never a good idea regardless of whether it’s a driver or iron swing. While it’s true that hitting your driver too hard often results in lost balls, you also shouldn’t swing too lightly.

As a general rule, you should throw your shots at 80% power. This will improve your odds of your driver swing hitting the ball on or close to the driver’s sweet spot and usually cause it to travel farther and straighter than if you hit it with 100% power.

Who makes high-quality golf clubs that can help me improve my driver and iron swings?

“A master is only as good as his tools,” goes the old saying. You can have the tightest iron swing plane in the world, or spend endless hours perfecting your driver swing speed, and you still won’t be able to hit consistent shots unless you have the right clubs for the job. That’s where BombTech Golf comes in!

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