10 Things You Should Know Before Taking up Golf

There’s one thing you can hear from most high, low, and mid-handicap golfers you’ll encounter at golf courses – I wish I knew this before I started playing golf. For example, they regret not buying golf clubs online and saving some money on high-quality golfing clubs and equipment. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pre-golfing knowledge.

The game of golf is beautiful, relaxing, and great fun, but it’s also complicated to get into correctly. If you choose to plunge into it headfirst, you could find yourself unable to adequately progress and improve your game. That is why it’s vital to gain some knowledge before deciding to pick up your clubs and play. Here’s what you should know before you start golfing. 

What should I know before I start playing golf?

Preparing properly before starting your golfing journey will positively impact your game when you actually start hitting those shots. Your ride will be smoother, you’ll improve at a faster pace, and you’ll know what and why you’re doing.

 Let’s see what most golfers wish they’d known before learning how to play golf step by step.

1. Golf is addictive

First things first – you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Golf is an addictive sport, and it’s probably going to be constantly on your mind. You’re going to think about playing it when you’re not playing it. It’s fun, it’s energizing, and it’s competitive, which is why you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. 

2. Say that your round of golf will take longer

If anybody asks you what time you’re going to finish your round of golf, say that it will take longer than you think. Now, this is not lying – it’s actually telling the truth. 

You’re just not aware of it in the beginning. Warming up, playing, having a drink with your friends once you’re done, changing, and driving back home takes a lot longer than you would initially think. 

3. Straight putting is essential

It doesn’t matter if you become a master at reading different greens, calculating the angle of the slope, and visualizing just how your ball will travel – you always have to begin with the straight putts. Not being able to properly putt the golf ball across a completely straight surface can seriously hamper your game as you progress. 

4. Listen to advice

Now, we don’t just mean the advice of your golf instructor – we mean advice from the more experienced golfers you know. Listen to what everybody has to say and then process the information afterward. Don’t simply adopt all the advice you receive. Pick out the useful pieces of information and try to incorporate them to improve your game. 

5. Adopt a steady and stable pre-shot routine

Don’t think that just because you’re an amateur enthusiast that you don’t need to acquire and hone your pre-shot routine. Yes, it’s a bit boring and a bit tiresome to implement prior to every single shot. But, if you want to get better and, more importantly, consistent, this routine will help calm your nerves and get you ready for the shot at hand. 

6. You can putt close to the green

There’s no rule in golf that says that you should only use a putter when you reach the green and that you’ll prove you’re a great golfer if you use a chip shot with that sweet new club you bought from one of the online golf stores. In fact, there are many places close to the green where a putter would serve you just fine, so swallow your pride and go for it. 

7. There’s no shame in front tees

Playing back tees can also be a source of pride for golfers, but it really shouldn’t. And do forget about the choice of the back or front of the tee based on the yardage you get with your driver. Just go to the front tee and rip the ball with your driver as hard as you can. This will make for a far more enjoyable round of golf, trust us. 

8. Drink plenty of water to avoid headaches

This is one of the best discoveries any golfer can make – drink plenty of water while on the course. While most of us only think about the best store for golf clubs and equipment, as well as how to dress up for a round of golf, we often forget to drink water, which leads to headaches, which leads to feeling poor after golfing instead of feeling great. 

9. Handicap is not everything

Yes, a low handicap is an indication of a golfer that’s progressed past the rough beginning stages. However, it’s not everything, and it’s not the holy grail of golfing. Take pleasure in beautiful, long drives, crisp chips, and precise putts. Enjoy the game, not the score. 

10. Don’t obsess about your game

There are many golfers who get nervous playing with strangers, and there’s no reason for it. Play your own game, and play the game you’ll be able to enjoy. If you want to go for the crazy shot – go for it. Carry the clubs you want, not the ones they say you should. Play your golf your way, and have fun doing it!

What is the best place to buy golf clubs online?

Have you ever thought about all the different aspects you should consider before picking up a golf club and hitting a ball? Did you know that physical fitness plays a major role in golf, and that all low-handicap golfers have developed their own habits that help them improve their game? And that’s before you even start thinking about the dos and don’ts of golf

There are many things to know about golf before you start playing, as well as many interesting facts about this game that you might find helpful for your game and that can improve different aspects of your game, such as allowing you to control the distance of your shots better. Golfing requires knowledge and preparation, and that’s how you should approach it. 

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