Enhancing Your Short Game: Tips & Tricks

Most golfers want to score those juicy 300 yard shots, and it's easy to see why. Watching the ball fly high is extremely gratifying and it can make you look really impressive. That is, until you lose the match because you aren't actually able to consistently get the ball in the hole.

That's because the short game is king in golf, and one of the most effective ways to reduce your scores and play better is to improve your short game. This is especially the case if you're a high- or mid-handicapper.

In order to help players who feel their short game could use a little boost, we have prepared a list of 11 time-tested tips that will improve your technique, shot selection, and the way you practice. So grab your favorite golf irons set and head over to the field: it's time to take your short game to the next level!

How do I improve my short game?

Many (if not most) of the approach shots you attempt during your round tend to end up at varying positions just off the green. Knowing how to take your shot in these situations and which club out of your golf irons set to use can make all the difference.

Consider doing some of these 11 things:

1. Don't look while stroking

Don't turn your eyes to look at the ball rolling until you have completed your stroke and held the finish. This reduces unwanted and unnecessary movements that can make it harder for you to control direction and distance.

2. Let your body rotate

Although you may not feel the need to move your entire body when pitching and chipping, doing so is actually critical if you want to get a solid hit. On the backswing, move your right knee closer to your left knee. This will open up your right side and enable your body to rotate more smoothly during the swing.

3. On flop shots, slide the clubface beneath the ball

The best way to hit an accurate flop shot is by sliding the clubface under the ball and having it pass the shaft when it connects. To add more loft, grip the club after positioning the clubface so that it points right of the target.

4. Refrain from freezing your swing on pitch shots

Despite the lower distance, your swings should still follow the proper mechanics. First, take a closed stance and square the face. During the backswing, your right wrist should hinge a bit so the handle remains relatively close to you. Turn your body and, during the downswing, turn it toward your target, keeping your hips level with the finish.

5. Your left arm is essential

During a chip, your left arm is what provides all the control. Always aim for a dimple at the back of the ball and do your best to hit it with the center of the clubface. Your left hand, wrist, and arm should lead your swing throughout the backswing and to the contact with the ball.

6. Prioritize your arms when pitching

Incorporating wrist action in your pitches increases the risk of landing thin or fat hits. By focusing more on your arms and keeping them in a V shape during your swing, you'll be landing better pitch shots and making the ball fly high with lots of spin. Think of it as one of those situations where keeping things simple is the right way to go.

7. Make use of your wedge when pitching

The rounded bottom of a wedge club is called a bounce. It's designed to help your club glide over the grass without digging in. As long as you correctly set the wedge on the bottom, you don't have to be hesitant about it striking the ground. This enables you to hit pitch shots that are both high and soft.

8. Don't grip the club too hard when chipping

Your hands should be fairly soft when chipping. You should aim for a grip that's roughly half as tight as your strongest grip. Once you've eased the tension in your wrists and arms, you can concentrate on practicing your basic chipping stance, which typically requires you to keep your back straight and your chin high.

9. Steady yourself while putting by turning your toes in

Making sure your lower body is still while you putt will greatly increase your accuracy and make distance control easier. One way to do this is by turning your toes in, therefore forcing yourself to keep your lower body still.

10. Take an open stance

If possible, keep the ball in between your stance with more of your bodyweight shifted onto your left leg (if you're right-handed). Then, bend your knees, incline your upper body, and put your hands ahead so that they're above your left thigh and your arms are hanging naturally. This will give you a clear sight of the hole. Finally, hit the ball with a forward press with a slow, smooth, and low follow-through.

11. Shorten the lever during really short pitches and chips

The lower you hold the club, the lower the distance the ball will travel after a chip or pitch. Depending on the situation, you may even be able to get your hands off of the grip and down the shaft.

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