10 Putting Tips for Transforming Your Game

Putting seems simple enough, right? It’s short-range, it’s seemingly straightforward, there’s not a lot of swing power involved, and it seems as the last part of your game you should pay attention to. Why not focus on your wedge game instead and try to find the best 3-wedge golf sets you can use to boost this aspect of your game?

Let us stop you right there – there’s more to putting, a lot more, than meets the eye, and it’s a vital, as well as difficult, part of golfing. Better postpone your search for a suitable set of 3 golf wedges and focus on your putting instead. It looks simple, and it looks like something you can do without any advice, but it’s not, and you do need some tips on boosting your putting. 

How do I improve my putting?

Now, let’s get down to business and see how you can improve your putting. Before that, know this – putting is all about patience, preparation, and poise. You can’t rush a putt, and you can’t putt without carefully preparing for your shot and keeping your balance. Bearing that in mind, let’s take a close look at some of the ways you can drastically enhance your putting. 

1. Proper ball positioning is important

Remember that you’re supposed to hit the back of the golf ball with your putter, not the central portion of it. If you’re using a standard stance, the ball should be right in the center of your stance. If you’re using a square-to-square shot, place the ball a bit forward. 

2. Short putts come first

Before practicing long putts from the edges of the green, you should first become confident with your short putts. It’s similar to who you don’t want to immediately start hitting long wedge shots once you purchase a brand-new golf wedge set, but rather start with shorter distances. 

You can practice short putting by placing a coin and sending your ball toward it. Getting your golf ball on and close to the dime will make it easier to do with the hole as well. Another great exercise is to sink several balls into the hole from a foot, then from two feet, three feet, and so on. 

3. Keep your eye on the dime

You need to learn where to look when putting too, and the “eye on the dime” exercise is a great way to do so. Take a coin and place it directly behind your golf ball. As you swing, keep your eyesight fixed on the coin and resist the temptation to follow the ball during impact. This will allow proper shoulder positioning during the follow-through. 

4. Closed eye does the trick

Closing your eyes while practicing your putting can help you get a much better feel of the swing, the stroke, and the contact with the golf ball. Also, the act of closing your eyes calms your mind and mentally prepares you for the shot you’re going to make. After some time, you’ll become more relaxed during every putt, and you’ll get the hang of the swing more easily.

5. Bullseye trick is the way to go

Long putts are difficult, and constantly failing them can really mess with your confidence and mental stability while you play. One of the better ways to learn to apply adequate force and follow through to your putts is to draw a bullseye on your practice cup. This way, you will be able to better accelerate through to your hole and keep the movement of your clubface forward. 

6. Your head should be still

Not moving your head around when putting is vital for ensuring solid contact between the ball and the clubface, as well as for achieving consistent putting results. Moving your head before making contact with the ball can end up costing you the shot because movement of the head opens your shoulders. This, in turn, causes the putter to cut over the ball and send in the wrong direction. Practicing this with the “eyes closed” trick can work wonders. 

7. Get into the rhythm

Smooth strokes equal good strokes, and there’s nothing that needs to be as smooth in golf as putting. Keeping your stroke without any jerks and stops will lead to a more confident and stable putt. 

A metronome is a great tool for helping you get your shot in-sync and rhythmically accurate. The “tick” sound indicates that the putter should be at the top of the backswing, while the “tock” sound tells you that the clubface should be at the end of the follow through. Just don’t set the metronome to an overly quick rhythm. 

8. Do one-handed strokes for practice

If you’re finding yourself less than confident with your putting hand, try using only that hand for practicing putting. This feels strange in the beginning, but it will start to feel more and more natural as time passes. In turn, the more natural your one-handed putting, the more accurate your two-handed putting. 

9. Use the toe

Downhill putts are notoriously difficult and require a lot of practice. However, you can try a single technique that is guaranteed to help – hit the ball with the toe of the putter rather than the sweet spot if the green is downhill. This prevents the ball from flying past the hole by deadening its jump. 

10. Read the greens

Finally, learn how to read the greens. Take your time while inspecting the green, identify slants, slopes, and tough spots, and do your best to determine its speed. The better you become at this, the easier it will be to adequately plan and pull off your short and long putts. 

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Putting is an essential part of your golf game, but it’s not the only important part. Once you master putting, there are other aspects of your game you should work on. First, work on improving your short game and try to enhance your golf swing as much as possible. These areas are key for becoming a more proficient and consistent golfer.

However, that’s just the beginning, and there’s more to golf than just the swings and the hits. Did you know about the many do’s and don’ts of proper golfing etiquette, or about the numerous amazing facts about the beautiful game of golf? As you can see, there's plenty you should know and learn about golf before and during your work on improving your game.

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