9 Tips for a Better Golf Swing

Ah, the swing. The beautiful movement that is elegant and serene during short game, and that can take on a more savage, powerful form when you drive and send the ball flying from far, far away. There’s an art, a beat, and a flow to it, and it’s one of the, if not the most important aspect of every shot you can make during your round of golf. And that’s why you should improve it.

However, don’t jump the gun and immediately start looking for the best golf driver for moderate swing speed or the best golf driver for slow swing speed. Yes, tools are important, but form is vital. Start at the beginning and begin improving your swing by paying attention to your basics. Once you’ve done so, feel free to get the best clubs you can buy. 

How do I make my swing better?

One of the biggest problems a golfer can have with the swing is to make their swing overly complicated due to numerous tips they received from other players, magazines, and how-to lists. We’re here to correct that problem and bring you back to the basics that will simplify and completely transform your swing for the better. This is what you should focus on as you swing.

1. Choose your clubs

One of the biggest problems high-handicap golfers have with their swing is not choosing the best club for the job. For example, it doesn’t mean that the best golf driver for moderate swing speeds would be ideal for every single drive.

Similarly, choosing an iron when you should choose a wedge can greatly influence the power of your swing in a given situation, causing you to swing poorly while trying to adjust for the initial inadequacy of the club. So the rule is this – choose the clubs that suit your playstyle, and then learn how to choose the best type of club for the task at hand. 

2. It’s not just the arms

There’s a lot more to a swing than just moving your arms. In fact, arm movement is usually less important than your back and your shoulder movements. This is why it’s a mistake to solely focus on correcting your arm movements during the swing and neglecting other essential parts of a quality golf swing. 

Think of it like this – your back is the spring you need to tighten before stroke, while your shoulders are the safety release that unleashes the power into your arms. 

3. Coil your body

Talking about performing efficient backswings – you have to learn how to coil your body in order to wind up that spring well before letting it loose. You need to create sufficient muscle tension to generate the necessary torque that will send the ball flying through the air. Perfecting your backswing will lead to an excellent downswing, which will make your shots more accurate and reliable. 

4. Take your time

Don’t hasten your backswing – take it slow. If you hurry your backswing, you won’t get a faster downswing. In fact, you might just do the exact opposite. Try this – as you’re approaching the high point of your backswing, slow down and prepare your body for the movement in the exact opposite direction. 

Also, remember that the backswing should have a consistent speed rather than transitioning from too fast to too slow. This will break up your swing and cause a poor shot every single time. 

5. Waiter’s arm is an important position

To ensure that your right elbow is correctly positioned at the top of your backswing, you can try imagining that you’re a waiter carrying a tray filled to the brim with drinks. The idea behind is that the position of your elbows at the top of the backswing should be identical to your waiter’s arm position. 

Your elbow should be in the exactly correct position. This will, in turn, ensure you’re hitting the ball using the correct angle of your clubface. 

6. Relax your grip

You need to remember not to over-tighten your grip as you swing. Grip pressure is a factor many golfers overlook. Gripping your club with a deathlock will prevent the club from releasing properly, which robs your shot of its power and causes a multitude of directional issues. 

The best illustration of how tight your grip should be is to compare it to holding a toothpaste container without squeezing any toothpaste out. 

7. Hit the side of the ball

Hitting full shots means that many golfers will try to hit the very center of the golf ball. And it does make sense – in theory. In reality, gorgeous full shots happen when you strike the ball within the inside quadrant instead of the very center. So don’t always hit the center of the ball and try this instead – it will transform your swing. 

8. Mind the finishing position

A great swing has a great finishing position. The best tip for a solid finishing position is that it should be where the weight is ideally balanced on your front hip with your back toe firmly on the ground, your forearms and hands above your shoulders and your back knee and chest facing the hole. 

There’s no great finishing position without a great swing, and vice versa, which means that putting in the time to practice your finishing pose will also improve your swing. 

9. Remember – patience

Don’t rush your swing – take it slowly, steadily, and smoothly. Shortening your swing time will not improve your swing. In fact, it will often do the exact opposite. It’s always better to practice proper form than to focus on increasing your swing speed hoping you’ll get some extra distance. Speed is the cherry on top of the cake, and you have to get there by practicing slow and smooth movements. 

Drivers for slow and moderate swing speed in 2021?

Golf is an amazing sport. It can be tough to master though, and one of the areas most golfers have difficulty with is the swing. Players state that improving their swing is more difficult than working on boosting their short game and enhancing their putting abilities. That is why we hope this comprehensive guide to advancing your swing will help you become a better golfer. 

And that’s all without paying attention to ther, seemingly less important areas of golf. For example, there’s a lot you should learn about golf before you even start playing. First, get acquainted with all the rules concerning the do’s and don’ts of adequate golf etiquette. Then, take a look at some of the more interesting golfing facts, if only to pique your interest.

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