You are playing the wrong golf driver

You are playing the wrong golf driver!

What do I mean by the right golf driver? When you have the right flex, length and enough loft you will hit it longer and straighter. It really is that simple. But you are playing the right set up, right? I can insure you, after doing demo day after demo day, the majority of golfer's are playing a golf driver flex that is too stiff and a loft that is too low.

Here is a conversation from my last demo day.

Me: What loft do you play?

Golfer: 9 degrees

Me: Ok, what flex do you play?

Golfer: Stiff

At this point, I hand the golfer our stiff flex golf driver. He proceeds to take 5-10 swings.

Me: How does it feel?

Golfer: Good.

Me: Can I get your swing speed?

Golfer: Sure, I wonder how fast I swing.

Me: We are going find out.

I set up our swing speed radar.

Results: 82mph, 84mph, 83mph, 83mph

At this point. I hand the golfer our regular flex golf driver to swing.

Golfer: Wow, this is going straighter...and looks like I am getting more distance.

Me: Good, take some more swings

Few more swings, then I hand him our senior flex golf driver. Which is far more flexible than our stiff flex golf driver that he proclaimed he swings.

Golfer: This one is the best. I am hitting it the farthest and straighter. What flex is this?

Me: It's our senior flex (sometimes I mumbled this) and its 10.5 degrees.

Golfer: Ohhh....Senior?

Me: Yes, its just a measurement of flex.

This is where the tough conversation begins. To explain to a golfer that has been playing a stiff flex golf driver, that a senior flex golf driver is actually the best set up for his game.

This situation happens at EVERY single demo day that I do. And the reality is that if you want to hit it longer and straighter, you need to play the right golf driver!

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