7 Tips on Choosing the Best Golf Course

When golfers discuss the game they love, it’s usually about their handicaps, best and worst shots, as well as those brand-new drivers they got for 90-100mph swing speed. After all, getting a high-quality piece of equipment is essential for boosting your game and getting you the score you’re aiming for. However, there’s another important point of consideration – golf courses. 

Golf has several holy grails, and finding the perfect golf course is among the most important ones. After all, it’s where you’ll be spending your time playing, so it’s vital that you find the golf course that ticks all the boxes, and then some. However, it’s way easier finding the best driver for your money in 2022 than it is finding the ideal golf course to play. Luckily, we can help. 

How do I choose a golf course to play?

Golf is a game you should enjoy playing. You’re outside, you’re surrounded by the different shades of green, and you’re there to get a good score, sure, but you’re also there to rest, relax, and clear your mind. That’s why you should not only pay attention to getting the best driver for your money, but also to finding an amazing golf course to visit. 

And this can be more difficult that it seems. Golf courses that suit your every requirement and offer a truly enjoyable experience can be quite a rarity, making it worthwhile to spend some time looking for the perfect spot. Take a look at some of the most important considerations to make before settling on your choice of golf course: 

1. Consider your budget

Unfortunately, your budget is going to be the first deciding factor when choosing the golf course and club you’re going to frequent. Some of the best-looking golf courses come at premium prices, and not without a reason. If you want the best, they expect you to pay the cost. You wouldn’t budget when purchasing the best golf driver for 2022, would you?

However, the best golf course is about more than just the price, similarly to how golf clubs that suit you don’t have to be the priciest ones. It’s about finding that sweet spot between what you can afford and what you’re looking for. So, determine your budget, but always leave some room for additional spending, as the course of your dreams certainly deserves for you to pay a bit more. 

2. Find one with a good location

Once you’ve determined your budget, start looking for golf courses that are within it or slightly above it in your vicinity. Ideally, the golf course of your choice would be within 10 or 15 miles from your home. However, if the choice within that distance is lacking and you simply cannot find a course that has everything you need from it, it’s time to expand your search radius and start looking further from your home address. 

Visiting a golf course near your home is great, but only if it offers all or most of the things you want. Otherwise, it’s far better to make a longer trip to your course than settle for one that’s near but lacking in amenities or layout. 

3. Layout is important

Speaking of layout, this is one of the most important considerations for any golfer looking for their new course. This boils down to your personal preference, and you should always go for a course that you’ll enjoy playing over and over again. 

This means that the layout should be varied, with different traps around interesting hole designs. This way, you’ll remain engaged every time you visit it rather than getting bored quickly and starting to look for a new course all over again. 

4. Check the course conditions

However, some courses have gorgeous and interesting layouts you fall in love with only to later find out that what they bring in engagement they lack in course conditions and maintenance procedures. 

No matter how great the layout is, if the conditions on the course are poor, this will likely ruin your entire experience. So, narrow down your choices to a couple of courses that feature a good layout, and then test them out. If you notice problematic course conditions and signs of poor maintenance, keep looking. 

5. Pay attention to the amenities

Going for a round of golf is more than just going to play golf. That’s why your ideal golf course should feature great amenities that let you do more than just just hit the golf ball. You want to choose a course that has a restaurant with good food, a swimming pool where you can relax after a long round of golf, as well as a supply store in case you need to purchase anything. 

Also, it’s great if you could find a course that has a sauna or additional wellness possibilities. The more amenities a course offers, the more enjoyable your experience is going to be, so choose wisely. 

6. Always go for a course with a practice range

The vast majority of golf courses feature a practice range, but not all do, so it’s important to emphasize the need for it, coupled with a good driving range. This is a place where you can warm up if you’re an experienced golfer looking to give it a couple of swings before entering the course. 

Also, if you’re a high-handicap player, the practice range is a great place to gain some confidence before playing a round of golf and perhaps encounter an instructor who’ll share some useful tips. Who knows, with some expert advice you might improve your swing speed and start looking for the best driver for 90-100 mph swings

7. Take course difficulty into consideration

Finally, make sure to assess the difficulty of the course while you’re examining its layout. The trick here is to find the sweet spot between manageable difficulty and ability to improve your game. 

Choosing a course that’s too easy will make it more enjoyable to play only in the beginning. After a couple of visits you’ll realize that the course is too easy and all the enjoyment from challenging yourself will be gone.

That’s why you need to choose a course that’s a bit more difficult than your current level of skill. This way, you’re leaving room for yourself to grow and allowing your visits to remain interesting for longer. 

Where can I purchase the best 90-100mph swing speed driver for the money to take to my new course?

Taking the time to properly choose the most suitable golf course for your requirements and preferences is an essential part of your game. However, it’s still one of those things golfers tend to overlook, similarly to how they pay little attention to the attire they wear on the golf course and disregard the importance of mental game on your end results

It’s only once you’ve chosen the course and mastered the basics of golf that you should move on to other details, such as choosing a high-quality set of hybrid golf clubs to add more variety to your game or purchasing a volcano torched putter to bring your short game to the next level. Why get a 3.0 driver and wood bundle first without a high-quality course to wield them on.

However, once you’ve found your ideal course it’s time to find the equipment to match it, and that’s exactly where BombTech Golf comes in. We’re an online-only store that cuts overhead and brings you premium quality clubs and equipment at a respectable price. Check out our stock, give it a swing, and see just how great our clubs feel in your hand. 

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