9 Ways to Improve Your Game Without a Swing Change

When you just start golfing, it seems that all you can do is improve. You simply can’t go wrong, even if you’re not putting that much effort into practicing. However, there will inevitably come a time when your game will plateau and when you’ll begin struggling to drastically improve your game. 

The first thing you have to know is that you shouldn’t get discouraged when this happens, as it happens to everybody. Once you stop being harsh on yourself, it’s time to start experimenting with different methods that could get your game off your plateau and over the hump. Getting a great oversized golf driver will help, but so will some other steps you can take. 

How can I improve my game without changing my swing?

It’s great to work on your skill and technique and to practice, but there comes a point when you just don’t know where to take your game anymore. It is at this time that you’ll start hearing advice on changing your swing to keep getting better.

Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing bad about changing your swing, but only when necessary. Sometimes, there are many ways to give your game a proper boost without resorting to a change in your swing. For example, you can get a new golf driver with an oversized head, try out some of the following methods:

1. Grounding the ball around greens

One of the most important ways to improve your game without any huge changes is to play your greens with minimal risk possible. Some of the ways to accomplish this are to take smaller signs and strokes and to try to keep your ball on the ground. The less your ball flies around the green, the smaller the potential for mistakes. 

Putt as often as possible. If you cannot putt, go for a chip by using a club that will keep the stroke small. Finally, if you cannot putt or chip, go for a flop or a pitch, but only as a last resort, as they carry the greatest risk around the greens. 

2. Learning defense

Virtually everybody makes the mistakes of playing too aggressively when they should take a step back and go for a safer shot. If you’re in a situation where only a “hero” shot can give you an edge, it’s best not to take it. Instead, take the easier shot, position your ball the best you can for the follow up, and refrain from playing too aggressively when you really shouldn’t, even though it can be really fun. 

3. Choosing your favorite

It can happen that it’s simply not your day and that you’re not hitting the ball as you’d like to. The clubs just aren’t listening to you. If this happens, it’s time to resort to your favorite – the one club you love and that never lets you down. You should have a go-to club you will use in these situations, and practice different types of shots with it, just in case. Grabbing THE club from your bag will give you a hefty boost of confidence and can help turn things around. 

4. Diagonal wind shots

Remember – if it’s windy, your ball will curve less if you tee off to the opposite side of where the wind is coming from. If the wind is blowing right to left, tee off to the far right in order to offset the wind and get better control of your shot. 

5. Know your carries and yardages

It can be dull, but it will also be extremely helpful to spend a bit of time inspecting the launch monitor to determine the total yardages and the carry you achieve with all the different clubs in your arsenal. This will make it a lot easier to plan different shots and to know if you can pull off the most difficult ones, such as going over water or a bunker. 

6. Technology can be a friend

There’s plenty of technology that can help you become a better player. From knowing the yardages on the course to potential hazards, it can help you learn more about the course you’re playing and play an essential role in your preparation for a round of golf. 

7. Change expectations

Sometimes, you just have to switch your perspective of the course and of each individual hole. Don’t look at an endeavor as, for example, a tough par 4 – think of it as an easy par 5. This way, you’ll be able to approach the shots in a more relaxed manner, helping you play better without stressing out over each shot. 

8. Grab a wedge with a high bounce

Sometimes, a wedge with plenty of bounce will serve as great help to hit bunker and pitch shots and won’t get stuck in the ground. A high-bounce sand wedge can offset some of your minor mistakes, such as slightly closing the face or leaning a bit too much forward. All this allows you to focus more on your game without worrying about the tiniest aspects of your swing. 

9. Accept the imperfections

Finally, know that not every round of golf is going to be perfect, and that you’re going to make mistakes. Probably all the time. And that’s absolutely fine, as nobody plays completely perfectly. Nor can they. Nor should you. 

However, you should also not despair if your game is not going as you thought it would. Embrace all the imperfections and hard times and work through them. Ultimately, this is what’s going to help you immensely. 

Who makes the best oversized golf driver to boost my game?

Knowing how to up your game without drastically adjusting your swing is extremely important for continuing to grow as a golfer. It’s one of the staples of learning the different aspects of the game, alongside learning how to play in wet conditions and becoming familiar with the essential strategies for winter golfing

Also, don’t forget to work on your mental game while golfing and debunk the most common misconceptions about golf. However, know that sometimes, no matter what you do, you’re going to take the uncomfortable road and make changes to your swing in order to enhance your golfing. Finally, and most importantly – find the best clubs for your money.

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