A Detailed Guide to Choosing Your Drivers & 3 Wood

It’s the ages-long debate on which club you should use off the tee. The most interesting fact about this discussion is that it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. In fact, it’s just as alive, vibrant, and non-apologetic as ever. On the one side, we have the 3-wood prophets who firmly believe that you should leave your oversized driver in the bag and find a high-quality 3 wood with a stiff or a regular shaft to achieve that off-the-tee accuracy you need.

On the other side, we have the driver aficionados who stay clear of any use of a 3 wood for their initial shot. They’re all about achieving the greatest possible distance at the beginning of their hole and compensate for lower driver accuracy by getting closer to the hole. However, is there really room for debate and should you really exclusively only use one or the other for your beginning shot? That’s what we’re here to find out!

What features should my golf driver have?

Your driver is all about the features and the feel they offer you. There’s nothing more important for your initial shot than getting an awesome sensation as you grip your driver, ready to approach the tee and send the ball soaring through the sky as close to your hole as possible. 

The most important aspects of choosing your driver are: 

  • The size of the clubhead: Clubhead size is expressed in cubic centimeters and it’s usually between 440cc and 460cc. 
  • The material it’s made of: There’s no more wood or steel drivers you can purchase, but you can choose from carbon composite, titanium, or a combination of the two. 
  • The moment of inertia it offers: The MOI, or moment of inertia, reflects how forgiving a driver is and whether or not it will rotate or twist on impact. 
  • The center of gravity: The CG describes the balancing of the driver and it can be further or nearer on the vertical or horizontal axis. 
  • The shaft flex: Stiffer shafts launch the golf ball lower, while more flexible shafts send the ball flying higher in the air. 
  • The swingweight: This is a crucial aspect, as some golfers like drivers with a bit more weight that pack a punch, while others prefer lighter clubs.
  • The feel and sound at the impact: Finally, it all comes down to the feel. If you feel awesome when you hit a strong drive, the driver’s all right. 

Now, knowing what aspects you have to consider when purchasing a driver, it’s also important to see what essential features your driver absolutely has to have: 

  • Sleek-looking titanium face
  • A head weight of 200 grams
  • A 1 closed face angle
  • Hosel depth of 38 millimeters
  • Hose diameter of 0.335 inches
  • Clubhead size of 450cc for that sweet spot
  • A lie of 59
  • Weights on the heel and the toe for maximum forgiveness
  • A stiff or regular 3 wood shaft in your driver for the best of both worlds

What is a 3 wood?

Now that you know what a good driver should offer you, it’s time to shift focus to the 3 wood. After all, this is the club that many golfers swear by when it comes to teeing off, and it’s important to know whether or not it’s the right choice for you. 

The 3 wood is a member of the fairway family and it’s the longest fairway wood available. All fairways, including the 3 wood with a standard shaft length, share the following characteristics: 

  • Clubhead size that ranges from 140cc to 180cc
  • Shallow club face that serves to keep a low center of gravity for easy airborne shots
  • Sole design that allows easy divot and heavy rough hits 

When do I use a 3 wood?

Fairway woods, especially the 3 wood, are extremely versatile clubs that you can use in a wide range of different scenarios, including: 

  • Accurate drives off the tee instead of your driver
  • A variety of short par-4s
  • Longer approach shots on par-5s and longer par-4s
  • Escaping fairway bunkers
  • Different scenarios around the green in tightly-mown or fringy areas

How far should I hit a 3 wood?

There’s no such thing as the right distance you need to achieve with your 3 wood. Instead, you should focus on gradually increasing the distance you can cover with this club. Average golfers manage to hit their 3 woods up to 240 yards, while more proficient players can achieve 300 yards. 

How do I choose a 3 wood?

Choosing a three wood boils down to finding a club that primarily feels good in your hand. If it doesn’t, move on. Also, using a club that looks cool and makes you feel great using it. Finally, there are several important features your 3 wood club should have: 

  • Torque of 1.8
  • Mid to high launch capability
  • Mid kick
  • Stiff shaft with the weight of 56, or regular shaft with the weight of 54
  • Length 45.75 inches

Should your driver and 3 wood have the same shaft?

Yes, your driver and 3 wood can definitely have the shame shaft. This will allow you to achieve greater control over your shots and also greatly improve your consistency, especially if you plan to occasionally drive with your 3 wood. 

Who offers a cutting-edge driver and wood bundle for sale with a stiff or regular 3 wood shaft?

It doesn’t matter if you’re only starting to golf or if you’re a proficient low-handicapper, you need to have the right set of clubs to play with. That’s why you should think about getting a solid bundle that combines a 3 wood and a driver. Also, consider purchasing a set of diverse hybrid clubs and make sure to acquire a modern putter that makes your close-up shots easy

However, you’re nowhere near finished. If you truly want to enhance your golfing, you’ll need some more equipment. Choose between assembling a set from top-quality single golf irons or buying a cutting-edge all-black golf iron set. Then, at the end, make sure to get your hands on a set of golf wedges that feature the 60, the 56, and the 52-degree clubs. 

And, if you’re unsure where you can get all of these golfing essentials, you can always check out BombTech Golf. We have everything you need to transition from a high to a low-handicapper, including a top-quality bundle that includes a 3 wood our signature driver. Visit our website today to order the premium clubs you need at reasonable prices. 

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