10 Biggest Benefits of Playing Golf

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Watching it, golf honestly doesn’t seem that dynamic or physically demanding enough to offer some serious health benefits. While you do know you’ll look cool swinging those black golf wedges and irons from your set and gazing into the distance while following your ball’s flight, it’s tough to realize just how many benefits you can reap from doing that. 

Golf is, in fact, a sport, or a game, that offers huge benefits across both the physical and the psychological landscape. You’ll spend time outdoors, enjoy a relaxing and interesting activity, and become a 2.0 version in the process. It’s definitely worth exploring all the benefits of golf in greater detail.

What are the benefits of playing golf?

A couple of years back, approximately 2 million people took up golf for the first time. That’s a lot. All those people will, sooner or later, get their game up to par and start experiencing and enjoying some of the many benefits golf can bring into your life. Let’s take a closer look at the ten benefits you can expect from spending time swinging your black golf irons and wedges

1. Vitamin D galore

You don’t play golf in the rain – you play it in the warm sunlight. Ok, sometimes you play it in the not-so-warm sunlight. However, in any instance, you will receive sufficient vitamin D that offers plenty of health benefits. These include boosting your immune system and keeping your teeth and bones healthy. And who wouldn’t want that?

2. The great outdoors

Besides basking in the sun and opening your body up to an influx of vitamin D, you’ll also spend a lot of time in nature while you're playing golf. Spending time outside is great not just because you’ll enjoy the scenery and the greenery, but also because you’ll: 

  • Be less anxious
  • Improve your creative thinking
  • Be in decreased risk of depression
  • Lower your blood pressure

3. Plenty of time for socializing

Golf is primarily a social sport, although people tend to think it’s rather solitary. In fact, golf’s social aspect is what makes it so appealing to 2 million people every year. You’re there to not only play, but also talk and have fun with other fellow players, whether they’re friends you’re playing with or new acquaintances you’ve just met. 

4. It’s healthy & good for the heart

One of the biggest health benefits of golf is that it’s very good for your cardiovascular system and your heart in particular. Golf boosts your circulation, gets your heart working more efficiently, and keeps your heart rate up for extended periods of time without placing too much strain on your body. Other health benefits of golf include: 

  • Lowering bad cholesterol levels
  • Lowering risk of cancer
  • Boosting immune system
  • Helping prevent bone loss by enhancing your body’s absorption of calcium

Finally, golf can also help you burn additional calories and foster weight loss. During an average 19-round game of golf, you spend approximately three and a half miles walking. Add playing to that, and you’ll burn more calories than you think. Who knew that reading reviews on the black golf club sets and actually swinging them would shed a couple of pounds.

5. It can be competitive, and not competitive

Golf is a very flexible sport in terms of its competitive nature. On the one hand, you can choose to play a round of golf with your friends and keep score, boosting its competitive aspect. On the other hand, you can choose to leisurely enjoy a relaxing game of golf without competing with each other and playing for fun. Whether you’re in for some healthy competition or not – golf is your sport. 

6. It’s challenging and it builds character

Golf allows you to constantly keep challenging yourself as much as you want. There’s always room for improvement, and you can always lower your score a bit more. This, combined with the constant struggle to enhance your shots and keep practicing until you get to the next level is also a great way to build your character, perseverance, and determination. 

7. It boosts concentration and brain activity 

Golf emphasizes concentration, focus, accuracy, and plenty of discipline and dedication. On the other hand, it also encourages players to be as creative as possible with the more difficult and demanding shots. This boosts hand-eye coordination, as well as various other motor skills controlled by our brain. 

8. It’s a family activity

Golf is also an incredible time with your family. If you’re playing, why not take your kids with you during your next outing? If your kids are old enough, they can play alongside you, and if not, they can enjoy nature, the sun, the air, and everything in between. Also, golf can be a great bonding experience with your significant other. 

9. It improves your sleep

Golf is a great way to improve your sleep. It combines natural light, fresh air, great sights, and natural exercise. All this works in unison to provide a strong low-impact exercise perfect for improving your sleep. In turn, the better you sleep the more energy you’ll have on the course, making you a better golfer through this never-ending cycle of good things. 

10. It can strengthen business relationships

The golf course is the perfect place to make lucrative business deals, and not just in movies, but also in real life. The primary reason for this is simple – many business people enjoy golf on a regular basis. This makes golf an excellent way to improve your career prospects, get more familiar with your higher-ups, and strengthen your professional bonds with your coworkers. 

Which company offers numerous benefits with high-quality black golf club sets?

Golf is a relaxing, engaging, healthy, and competitive sport if you want it to be. Playing it regularly, and properly, will introduce numerous benefits into your life. However, if you’re aiming for maximum benefits, you should learn more about the techniques you can use to boost your game and know which common golfing mistakes to avoid

However, that’s not all you need to know if you’re looking to reap every benefit golf has to offer. You should also practice to enhance your short game routine, transform your putting for more precise shots, and do all you can to make your golf swing better, as that’s crucial. Finally, you should have the best tools for the job and buy advanced golf clubs.

This is where BombTech Golf comes into play. We want to see every golfer with premium equipment in their hands, constantly aiming at lower and lower handicaps. Our online-only business philosophy allows us to cut down on the overheads and bring you clubs that will send those balls bombing! Visit our website, see what we offer, and order your selection today!

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10 Useful Golf Hacks for Boosting Your Game

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Golf often comes across as a relatively simple game to people who are watching it from the sidelines or who are only now dipping their toes into its world. But like all great games, golf embodies true elegance due to being easy to understand and pick up, while also having incredible depth players can keep exploring for the rest of their lives.

There are many things you can do to boost your game aside from improving core skills such as putting accuracy or average iron distance. Read on to learn 10 tried-and-true golf hacks that will not only help you become a better golfer, but also increase your overall enjoyment of the game.

What are some useful golf hacks?

Traditional practice such as correcting your posture or increasing your average iron distance if you're a mid- or high-handicap player is all well and good, but you shouldn't focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. Taking the time to learn the tips and tricks we outlined below is a surefire way to take your game to the next level.

Here are 10 useful golf hacks for you to use:

1. Mark your golf balls

Hitting the wrong ball is a common (and embarrassing) mistake in golf. The good news is, you can easily avoid it by marking your balls with a personal logo of some sort. This is such a standard practice that there are even special stencils available for players who don't want to spend too much time on this, but still want their balls to look good.

2. Get a pair of rain gloves

Wet gloves can really ruin your shots by making it impossible for you to get a good grip. Luckily, rain gloves will not only help you avoid poor shots, they will actually give you a better grip the wetter they are.

3. Keep your clubs dry

Let's say you're carrying two clubs and you have to set one down while you're striking the ball with the other. Make sure to keep its grip dry and clean by propping it up on a tee or a divot repair tool.

4. Keep an umbrella in your bag

In addition to helping golfers stay dry on rainy days, umbrellas can also provide much-needed shade on those sweltering summer days when the sun just won't let up. Don't be shy to take yours out even if there's not a cloud in sight: rest assured, your fellow golfers will be sneaking shade from you soon enough.

5. Focus on the task at hand

There's a tendency in every competitive game for the player to dwell on the mistakes they've already made during a given match, especially if they perceive these mistakes to be embarrassing or "beneath them" in some way.

Don't let yourself fall in this trap. Golf is a mental game as much as it's physical, and if you're beating yourself up over hitting another player's ball or achieving a poor average iron distance for a mid-handicap golfer during this particular match, you won't be able to concentrate on the put that may yet win you the game. Always focus on the present situation and worry about the errors you've made after the match is over.

6. Mark the ball's location

If your ball has ended up in the thick stuff, make sure to mark its location by placing your hat or some other highly visible item next to it. This will keep you from having to search for the ball all over again after you circle back from the cart with your club.

7. Park the cart accordingly

You should park your cart as close to where you will be walking off the tee or green as you can. In addition to saving you time and energy, this will also prevent your parked cart from interfering with the group behind you.

8. Powder sprays are your friend

Using powder spray on club heads enables you to see exactly where you're hitting the ball. This is extremely useful to any player who's looking to improve their understanding of their own game, but it's especially handy on the driving range.

9. Grab some reusable bags

Both your golfing shoes and the wheels on your push cart (if you use one) are going to be covered in dirt and grass by the time you're back to your car. To keep from mucking up the trunk of your car or having to clean the shoes and wheels after every game, get a reusable shoes bag and a large tarp bag that your push cart can fit in.

10. Keep your notes readily available

Write down any go-to swing thoughts you may have on your phone. Focus on the essentials and keep the list short. Being able to consult it at any time will help you mentally regroup during a match and plan your next shot accordingly.

Who makes quality clubs that help improve the average iron distance for mid- and high-handicap players?

BombTech Golf is a respected manufacturer of high-performance golf clubs that are known for their excellent quality and affordable price. All of our products are sold directly to our clients through our online store, which enables us to provide additional value for our customers and keep the cost of our clubs down by cutting out the middleman.

We also promote the game of golf via our blog, where you can find plenty of useful information about this wonderful game. Check it out if you'd like to learn about the different ways golf can benefit you in life and which mistakes you should avoid while playing golf

Start browsing our online shop today or give us a call if you'd like to ask further questions and learn more about our 60 day on course guarantees.

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9 Tips for a Better Golf Swing

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Ah, the swing. The beautiful movement that is elegant and serene during short game, and that can take on a more savage, powerful form when you drive and send the ball flying from far, far away. There’s an art, a beat, and a flow to it, and it’s one of the, if not the most important aspect of every shot you can make during your round of golf. And that’s why you should improve it.

However, don’t jump the gun and immediately start looking for the best golf driver for moderate swing speed or the best golf driver for slow swing speed. Yes, tools are important, but form is vital. Start at the beginning and begin improving your swing by paying attention to your basics. Once you’ve done so, feel free to get the best clubs you can buy. 

How do I make my swing better?

One of the biggest problems a golfer can have with the swing is to make their swing overly complicated due to numerous tips they received from other players, magazines, and how-to lists. We’re here to correct that problem and bring you back to the basics that will simplify and completely transform your swing for the better. This is what you should focus on as you swing.

1. Choose your clubs

One of the biggest problems high-handicap golfers have with their swing is not choosing the best club for the job. For example, it doesn’t mean that the best golf driver for moderate swing speeds would be ideal for every single drive.

Similarly, choosing an iron when you should choose a wedge can greatly influence the power of your swing in a given situation, causing you to swing poorly while trying to adjust for the initial inadequacy of the club. So the rule is this – choose the clubs that suit your playstyle, and then learn how to choose the best type of club for the task at hand. 

2. It’s not just the arms

There’s a lot more to a swing than just moving your arms. In fact, arm movement is usually less important than your back and your shoulder movements. This is why it’s a mistake to solely focus on correcting your arm movements during the swing and neglecting other essential parts of a quality golf swing. 

Think of it like this – your back is the spring you need to tighten before stroke, while your shoulders are the safety release that unleashes the power into your arms. 

3. Coil your body

Talking about performing efficient backswings – you have to learn how to coil your body in order to wind up that spring well before letting it loose. You need to create sufficient muscle tension to generate the necessary torque that will send the ball flying through the air. Perfecting your backswing will lead to an excellent downswing, which will make your shots more accurate and reliable. 

4. Take your time

Don’t hasten your backswing – take it slow. If you hurry your backswing, you won’t get a faster downswing. In fact, you might just do the exact opposite. Try this – as you’re approaching the high point of your backswing, slow down and prepare your body for the movement in the exact opposite direction. 

Also, remember that the backswing should have a consistent speed rather than transitioning from too fast to too slow. This will break up your swing and cause a poor shot every single time. 

5. Waiter’s arm is an important position

To ensure that your right elbow is correctly positioned at the top of your backswing, you can try imagining that you’re a waiter carrying a tray filled to the brim with drinks. The idea behind is that the position of your elbows at the top of the backswing should be identical to your waiter’s arm position. 

Your elbow should be in the exactly correct position. This will, in turn, ensure you’re hitting the ball using the correct angle of your clubface. 

6. Relax your grip

You need to remember not to over-tighten your grip as you swing. Grip pressure is a factor many golfers overlook. Gripping your club with a deathlock will prevent the club from releasing properly, which robs your shot of its power and causes a multitude of directional issues. 

The best illustration of how tight your grip should be is to compare it to holding a toothpaste container without squeezing any toothpaste out. 

7. Hit the side of the ball

Hitting full shots means that many golfers will try to hit the very center of the golf ball. And it does make sense – in theory. In reality, gorgeous full shots happen when you strike the ball within the inside quadrant instead of the very center. So don’t always hit the center of the ball and try this instead – it will transform your swing. 

8. Mind the finishing position

A great swing has a great finishing position. The best tip for a solid finishing position is that it should be where the weight is ideally balanced on your front hip with your back toe firmly on the ground, your forearms and hands above your shoulders and your back knee and chest facing the hole. 

There’s no great finishing position without a great swing, and vice versa, which means that putting in the time to practice your finishing pose will also improve your swing. 

9. Remember – patience

Don’t rush your swing – take it slowly, steadily, and smoothly. Shortening your swing time will not improve your swing. In fact, it will often do the exact opposite. It’s always better to practice proper form than to focus on increasing your swing speed hoping you’ll get some extra distance. Speed is the cherry on top of the cake, and you have to get there by practicing slow and smooth movements. 

Drivers for slow and moderate swing speed in 2021?

Golf is an amazing sport. It can be tough to master though, and one of the areas most golfers have difficulty with is the swing. Players state that improving their swing is more difficult than working on boosting their short game and enhancing their putting abilities. That is why we hope this comprehensive guide to advancing your swing will help you become a better golfer. 

And that’s all without paying attention to ther, seemingly less important areas of golf. For example, there’s a lot you should learn about golf before you even start playing. First, get acquainted with all the rules concerning the do’s and don’ts of adequate golf etiquette. Then, take a look at some of the more interesting golfing facts, if only to pique your interest.

Finally – find your provider of first-rate golfing clubs and equipment. BombTech Golf is an online store that features premium golf clubs and equipment at reasonable prices. Our business model eliminates overhead costs and brings you top-of-the-line equipment at a price you can afford. Good clubs are not for the elite – they’re for every golfer out there. See what we have to offer!

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10 Putting Tips for Transforming Your Game

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Putting seems simple enough, right? It’s short-range, it’s seemingly straightforward, there’s not a lot of swing power involved, and it seems as the last part of your game you should pay attention to. Why not focus on your wedge game instead and try to find the best 3-wedge golf sets you can use to boost this aspect of your game?

Let us stop you right there – there’s more to putting, a lot more, than meets the eye, and it’s a vital, as well as difficult, part of golfing. Better postpone your search for a suitable set of 3 golf wedges and focus on your putting instead. It looks simple, and it looks like something you can do without any advice, but it’s not, and you do need some tips on boosting your putting. 

How do I improve my putting?

Now, let’s get down to business and see how you can improve your putting. Before that, know this – putting is all about patience, preparation, and poise. You can’t rush a putt, and you can’t putt without carefully preparing for your shot and keeping your balance. Bearing that in mind, let’s take a close look at some of the ways you can drastically enhance your putting. 

1. Proper ball positioning is important

Remember that you’re supposed to hit the back of the golf ball with your putter, not the central portion of it. If you’re using a standard stance, the ball should be right in the center of your stance. If you’re using a square-to-square shot, place the ball a bit forward. 

2. Short putts come first

Before practicing long putts from the edges of the green, you should first become confident with your short putts. It’s similar to who you don’t want to immediately start hitting long wedge shots once you purchase a brand-new golf wedge set, but rather start with shorter distances. 

You can practice short putting by placing a coin and sending your ball toward it. Getting your golf ball on and close to the dime will make it easier to do with the hole as well. Another great exercise is to sink several balls into the hole from a foot, then from two feet, three feet, and so on. 

3. Keep your eye on the dime

You need to learn where to look when putting too, and the “eye on the dime” exercise is a great way to do so. Take a coin and place it directly behind your golf ball. As you swing, keep your eyesight fixed on the coin and resist the temptation to follow the ball during impact. This will allow proper shoulder positioning during the follow-through. 

4. Closed eye does the trick

Closing your eyes while practicing your putting can help you get a much better feel of the swing, the stroke, and the contact with the golf ball. Also, the act of closing your eyes calms your mind and mentally prepares you for the shot you’re going to make. After some time, you’ll become more relaxed during every putt, and you’ll get the hang of the swing more easily.

5. Bullseye trick is the way to go

Long putts are difficult, and constantly failing them can really mess with your confidence and mental stability while you play. One of the better ways to learn to apply adequate force and follow through to your putts is to draw a bullseye on your practice cup. This way, you will be able to better accelerate through to your hole and keep the movement of your clubface forward. 

6. Your head should be still

Not moving your head around when putting is vital for ensuring solid contact between the ball and the clubface, as well as for achieving consistent putting results. Moving your head before making contact with the ball can end up costing you the shot because movement of the head opens your shoulders. This, in turn, causes the putter to cut over the ball and send in the wrong direction. Practicing this with the “eyes closed” trick can work wonders. 

7. Get into the rhythm

Smooth strokes equal good strokes, and there’s nothing that needs to be as smooth in golf as putting. Keeping your stroke without any jerks and stops will lead to a more confident and stable putt. 

A metronome is a great tool for helping you get your shot in-sync and rhythmically accurate. The “tick” sound indicates that the putter should be at the top of the backswing, while the “tock” sound tells you that the clubface should be at the end of the follow through. Just don’t set the metronome to an overly quick rhythm. 

8. Do one-handed strokes for practice

If you’re finding yourself less than confident with your putting hand, try using only that hand for practicing putting. This feels strange in the beginning, but it will start to feel more and more natural as time passes. In turn, the more natural your one-handed putting, the more accurate your two-handed putting. 

9. Use the toe

Downhill putts are notoriously difficult and require a lot of practice. However, you can try a single technique that is guaranteed to help – hit the ball with the toe of the putter rather than the sweet spot if the green is downhill. This prevents the ball from flying past the hole by deadening its jump. 

10. Read the greens

Finally, learn how to read the greens. Take your time while inspecting the green, identify slants, slopes, and tough spots, and do your best to determine its speed. The better you become at this, the easier it will be to adequately plan and pull off your short and long putts. 

Which online store offers premium putters and sets of 3 golf wedges?

Putting is an essential part of your golf game, but it’s not the only important part. Once you master putting, there are other aspects of your game you should work on. First, work on improving your short game and try to enhance your golf swing as much as possible. These areas are key for becoming a more proficient and consistent golfer.

However, that’s just the beginning, and there’s more to golf than just the swings and the hits. Did you know about the many do’s and don’ts of proper golfing etiquette, or about the numerous amazing facts about the beautiful game of golf? As you can see, there's plenty you should know and learn about golf before and during your work on improving your game.

But before all that, think about the place where you wish to buy all your golfing equipment and clubs. BombTech Golf is an online storefront that offers reasonably-priced clubs that boast premium characteristics. Our online-only business model cuts overhead and allows us to bring cutting-edge tools of the trade directly to our customers. See what we have in store for you!

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Enhancing Your Short Game: Tips & Tricks

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Most golfers want to score those juicy 300 yard shots, and it's easy to see why. Watching the ball fly high is extremely gratifying and it can make you look really impressive. That is, until you lose the match because you aren't actually able to consistently get the ball in the hole.

That's because the short game is king in golf, and one of the most effective ways to reduce your scores and play better is to improve your short game. This is especially the case if you're a high- or mid-handicapper.

In order to help players who feel their short game could use a little boost, we have prepared a list of 11 time-tested tips that will improve your technique, shot selection, and the way you practice. So grab your favorite golf irons set and head over to the field: it's time to take your short game to the next level!

How do I improve my short game?

Many (if not most) of the approach shots you attempt during your round tend to end up at varying positions just off the green. Knowing how to take your shot in these situations and which club out of your golf irons set to use can make all the difference.

Consider doing some of these 11 things:

1. Don't look while stroking

Don't turn your eyes to look at the ball rolling until you have completed your stroke and held the finish. This reduces unwanted and unnecessary movements that can make it harder for you to control direction and distance.

2. Let your body rotate

Although you may not feel the need to move your entire body when pitching and chipping, doing so is actually critical if you want to get a solid hit. On the backswing, move your right knee closer to your left knee. This will open up your right side and enable your body to rotate more smoothly during the swing.

3. On flop shots, slide the clubface beneath the ball

The best way to hit an accurate flop shot is by sliding the clubface under the ball and having it pass the shaft when it connects. To add more loft, grip the club after positioning the clubface so that it points right of the target.

4. Refrain from freezing your swing on pitch shots

Despite the lower distance, your swings should still follow the proper mechanics. First, take a closed stance and square the face. During the backswing, your right wrist should hinge a bit so the handle remains relatively close to you. Turn your body and, during the downswing, turn it toward your target, keeping your hips level with the finish.

5. Your left arm is essential

During a chip, your left arm is what provides all the control. Always aim for a dimple at the back of the ball and do your best to hit it with the center of the clubface. Your left hand, wrist, and arm should lead your swing throughout the backswing and to the contact with the ball.

6. Prioritize your arms when pitching

Incorporating wrist action in your pitches increases the risk of landing thin or fat hits. By focusing more on your arms and keeping them in a V shape during your swing, you'll be landing better pitch shots and making the ball fly high with lots of spin. Think of it as one of those situations where keeping things simple is the right way to go.

7. Make use of your wedge when pitching

The rounded bottom of a wedge club is called a bounce. It's designed to help your club glide over the grass without digging in. As long as you correctly set the wedge on the bottom, you don't have to be hesitant about it striking the ground. This enables you to hit pitch shots that are both high and soft.

8. Don't grip the club too hard when chipping

Your hands should be fairly soft when chipping. You should aim for a grip that's roughly half as tight as your strongest grip. Once you've eased the tension in your wrists and arms, you can concentrate on practicing your basic chipping stance, which typically requires you to keep your back straight and your chin high.

9. Steady yourself while putting by turning your toes in

Making sure your lower body is still while you putt will greatly increase your accuracy and make distance control easier. One way to do this is by turning your toes in, therefore forcing yourself to keep your lower body still.

10. Take an open stance

If possible, keep the ball in between your stance with more of your bodyweight shifted onto your left leg (if you're right-handed). Then, bend your knees, incline your upper body, and put your hands ahead so that they're above your left thigh and your arms are hanging naturally. This will give you a clear sight of the hole. Finally, hit the ball with a forward press with a slow, smooth, and low follow-through.

11. Shorten the lever during really short pitches and chips

The lower you hold the club, the lower the distance the ball will travel after a chip or pitch. Depending on the situation, you may even be able to get your hands off of the grip and down the shaft.

Where can I find quality golf iron sets for sale at an affordable price?

Here at BombTech Golf, we consider it our mission to provide new and veteran players with high-performance clubs that don't break the bank. We can offer these superb deals because our golf irons are available for sale online, which removes the middleman and enables us to deliver our golf iron sets directly to you, our customer.

We continuously strive to promote the game of golf and bring it closer to as many people as possible. In addition to offering outstanding quality golf irons for sale, we also strive to help current and future players improve as fast as possible. Want to learn how to improve your putting or optimize your golf swings? You'll find all of that information and more on our blog!

Contact BombTech Golf today if you'd like to order our golf iron sets or learn more about our process and business philosophy.

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