What Is a Hybrid Golf Club Set & Why You Should Use One?

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What Is a Hybrid Golf Club & Why You Should Use One

A hybrid is a special type of golf club that's designed to combine the best traits of both woods and irons while still differing from both. It's more forgiving for off-center strikes and more versatile when used from the rough, fairway, and tee, making it an excellent overall choice for most players.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at these clubs and help you decide whether hybrid golf clubs are right for you by answering some frequently asked questions. Read on.

A Brief Overview of Hybrid Clubs

The original hybrids appeared in the early 2000s and were called "rescue clubs" due to being effective when it came to getting a ball out of the rough. This was made possible by a number of distinctive features, including:

  • Low centers of gravity
  • 16 to 27 degree lofts
  • Wide, low-profile soles
  • Steel or titanium faces
  • Graphite shafts

Is a hybrid golf club worth it?

Absolutely. The truth is that many players find it hard to hit long irons (numbers 1-4). This is mainly due to their longer shafts and their small heads, both of which require greater speed and precision to really get the ball into the air. Some players attempt to solve this problem by replacing their irons with fairway woods, but may not necessarily be ideal due to the woods' longer shafts.

The best hybrid golf clubs bridge this gap by having a head that's not as deep as that of a wood, but is still significantly deeper than that of an iron. This puts the club's center of gravity further back. Combined with the trampoline or impulse effect provided by the concave's face, this allows for greater height and less rollout.

All of this enables the average player to send the ball flying in ways they wouldn't be able to reliably achieve with an iron. This is so useful that even advanced players have started using them on a regular basis.

Do hybrids go farther than irons?

Hybrids generally travel 8-12 yards further than equivalent irons. That being said, this is greatly reliant on the consistency and accuracy of the individual taking the shot. Since most players carry either an iron or a hybrid, making a direct comparison can be hard.

The reality is that, due to being more forgiving of mis-hits than irons, most players will be able to consistently send the ball farther when using hybrid golf clubs.

What hybrid replaces a 7 iron?

Most hybrid golf clubs are numbered after the equivalent irons, so a 7 hybrid would serve as a replacement for a 7 iron, a 3 hybrid would replace a 3 iron, and so on. Unfortunately, the numbering isn't as clear cut when it comes to comparing hybrids to woods.

In most cases, the following applies:

  • 1 hybrid = 4 wood
  • 2 hybrid = 5 wood
  • 3 hybrid = 7 wood
  • 4 hybrid = 9 wood
  • 5 hybrid = 11 wood
  • 6 hybrid = 13 wood
  • 7 hybrid = 15 wood
  • 8 hybrid = 17 wood
  • 9 hybrid = 19 wood

Should high-handicappers use hybrids?

Due to being easier to use than irons, getting the best hybrid golf clubs you can find is an excellent option regardless of whether you're a low- or high-handicapper. Throughout your practice, you'll likely develop a particular shot with your hybrid that you can count on to achieve acceptable accuracy and distance.

While this shot may not be the ideal choice in every situation, it's absolutely your go-to option in those matches when you've already had a bit of bad luck or hit some less-than-stellar shots. In these situations, your hybrid will act as your safe option that boosts your confidence, keeps you from getting demoralized, and helps you get the game back on track.

Because of this, even if you eventually decide to replace some of your hybrids with more challenging clubs, you'll still probably want to keep a few hybrids in your bag.

How far will a 4 hybrid go?

The max distance depends largely on your skill, expertise, and strength. That being said, most male golfers can expect to get about 175 yards out of their 4 hybrids, while female golfers typically reach about 150 yards.

Here are the average distances when using a hybrid:

  • 1 hybrid - 220 yards (men), 190 yards (women)
  • 2 hybrid - 200 yards (men), 175 yards (women)
  • 3 hybrid - 190 yards (men), 160 yards (women)
  • 4 hybrid - 175 yards (men), 150 yards (women)
  • 5 hybrid - 160 yards (men), 135 yards (women)
  • 6 hybrid - 155 yards (men), 120 yards (women)
  • 7 hybrid - 140 yards (men), 110 yards (women)
  • 8 hybrid - 130 yards (men), 100 yards (women)
  • 9 hybrid - 110-120 yards (men), 90 yards (women)

Where can I purchase the best hybrid golf clubs online?

Looking for extremely well-made and eye-catching hybrid golf clubs at an affordable price? If so, you can't go wrong by contacting BombTech Golf. We design and manufacture state-of-the-art hybrid golf clubs. By removing the middleman and selling directly to our clients through our online store, we offer competitive prices without making any concessions when it comes to quality.

As passionate players ourselves, we're always happy to share our knowledge with our fellow golfers. Want to learn how to make the most of your torched blade putters, take your wood driver game to the next level, find out more about the perks of using a driving iron, or discover some time-tested golf course management tips? You can find all of that information on our blog and more!

Start browsing our web shop today, or get in touch with us via phone to learn more about our 60-day guarantee and design philosophy.

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A Detailed Guide to Choosing Your Drivers & 3 Wood

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It’s the ages-long debate on which club you should use off the tee. The most interesting fact about this discussion is that it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. In fact, it’s just as alive, vibrant, and non-apologetic as ever. On the one side, we have the 3-wood prophets who firmly believe that you should leave your oversized driver in the bag and find a high-quality 3 wood with a stiff or a regular shaft to achieve that off-the-tee accuracy you need.

On the other side, we have the driver aficionados who stay clear of any use of a 3 wood for their initial shot. They’re all about achieving the greatest possible distance at the beginning of their hole and compensate for lower driver accuracy by getting closer to the hole. However, is there really room for debate and should you really exclusively only use one or the other for your beginning shot? That’s what we’re here to find out!

What features should my golf driver have?

Your driver is all about the features and the feel they offer you. There’s nothing more important for your initial shot than getting an awesome sensation as you grip your driver, ready to approach the tee and send the ball soaring through the sky as close to your hole as possible. 

The most important aspects of choosing your driver are: 

  • The size of the clubhead: Clubhead size is expressed in cubic centimeters and it’s usually between 440cc and 460cc. 
  • The material it’s made of: There’s no more wood or steel drivers you can purchase, but you can choose from carbon composite, titanium, or a combination of the two. 
  • The moment of inertia it offers: The MOI, or moment of inertia, reflects how forgiving a driver is and whether or not it will rotate or twist on impact. 
  • The center of gravity: The CG describes the balancing of the driver and it can be further or nearer on the vertical or horizontal axis. 
  • The shaft flex: Stiffer shafts launch the golf ball lower, while more flexible shafts send the ball flying higher in the air. 
  • The swingweight: This is a crucial aspect, as some golfers like drivers with a bit more weight that pack a punch, while others prefer lighter clubs.
  • The feel and sound at the impact: Finally, it all comes down to the feel. If you feel awesome when you hit a strong drive, the driver’s all right. 

Now, knowing what aspects you have to consider when purchasing a driver, it’s also important to see what essential features your driver absolutely has to have: 

  • Sleek-looking titanium face
  • A head weight of 200 grams
  • A 1 closed face angle
  • Hosel depth of 38 millimeters
  • Hose diameter of 0.335 inches
  • Clubhead size of 450cc for that sweet spot
  • A lie of 59
  • Weights on the heel and the toe for maximum forgiveness
  • A stiff or regular 3 wood shaft in your driver for the best of both worlds

What is a 3 wood?

Now that you know what a good driver should offer you, it’s time to shift focus to the 3 wood. After all, this is the club that many golfers swear by when it comes to teeing off, and it’s important to know whether or not it’s the right choice for you. 

The 3 wood is a member of the fairway family and it’s the longest fairway wood available. All fairways, including the 3 wood with a standard shaft length, share the following characteristics: 

  • Clubhead size that ranges from 140cc to 180cc
  • Shallow club face that serves to keep a low center of gravity for easy airborne shots
  • Sole design that allows easy divot and heavy rough hits 

When do I use a 3 wood?

Fairway woods, especially the 3 wood, are extremely versatile clubs that you can use in a wide range of different scenarios, including: 

  • Accurate drives off the tee instead of your driver
  • A variety of short par-4s
  • Longer approach shots on par-5s and longer par-4s
  • Escaping fairway bunkers
  • Different scenarios around the green in tightly-mown or fringy areas

How far should I hit a 3 wood?

There’s no such thing as the right distance you need to achieve with your 3 wood. Instead, you should focus on gradually increasing the distance you can cover with this club. Average golfers manage to hit their 3 woods up to 240 yards, while more proficient players can achieve 300 yards. 

How do I choose a 3 wood?

Choosing a three wood boils down to finding a club that primarily feels good in your hand. If it doesn’t, move on. Also, using a club that looks cool and makes you feel great using it. Finally, there are several important features your 3 wood club should have: 

  • Torque of 1.8
  • Mid to high launch capability
  • Mid kick
  • Stiff shaft with the weight of 56, or regular shaft with the weight of 54
  • Length 45.75 inches

Should your driver and 3 wood have the same shaft?

Yes, your driver and 3 wood can definitely have the shame shaft. This will allow you to achieve greater control over your shots and also greatly improve your consistency, especially if you plan to occasionally drive with your 3 wood. 

Who offers a cutting-edge driver and wood bundle for sale with a stiff or regular 3 wood shaft?

It doesn’t matter if you’re only starting to golf or if you’re a proficient low-handicapper, you need to have the right set of clubs to play with. That’s why you should think about getting a solid bundle that combines a 3 wood and a driver. Also, consider purchasing a set of diverse hybrid clubs and make sure to acquire a modern putter that makes your close-up shots easy. 

However, you’re nowhere near finished. If you truly want to enhance your golfing, you’ll need some more equipment. Choose between assembling a set from top-quality single golf irons or buying a cutting-edge all-black golf iron set. Then, at the end, make sure to get your hands on a set of golf wedges that feature the 60, the 56, and the 52-degree clubs. 

And, if you’re unsure where you can get all of these golfing essentials, you can always check out BombTech Golf. We have everything you need to transition from a high to a low-handicapper, including a top-quality bundle that includes a 3 wood our signature driver. Visit our website today to order the premium clubs you need at reasonable prices. 

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A Complete Guide to 52, 56, & 60-Degree Wedges

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All golf clubs you have in your bag are extremely important. However, some are more so than others, and wedges are just such clubs. In fact, your 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge are probably the three clubs that make the biggest impact on your handicap, especially as you get more and more proficient at using them. They’re your window to low-scoring and your ticket to having hugely successful outings to your local course. 

However, simply carrying your wedges with you and using them whenever you feel like it will not get you the results you need. To truly max out the potential of a golf wedge set with the 52, 56, and 60-degree clubs, you need to know what the advantages of each are and how you should use them. Also, you need to pay particular attention to the features you want in these clubs. 

Do I need a 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge?

Yes, you definitely need all of these wedges. The 52-degree, the 56-degree, and the 60-degree wedges are some of the most commonly used clubs in golfing. You’d significantly narrow your scope of play on the course if you didn’t have any of these clubs ready to go in your bag.

They’re extremely versatile, each with its own set of advantages and best uses. What’s more, they can successfully get you out of some tough spots if you learn how to use them properly. Once again – you need them in your arsenal. 

What to look for in 52, 56, and 60-degree wedges?

However, you don’t need just any 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge in your bag. To hit incredible shots, you need to purchase ones that have all the necessary features that allow them to shine. 

Take a look at the most important characteristics you should look for in your wedge set: 

  • Slightly oversized heads to make your off-center shots a bit easier to handle
  • Increased weight of the head to enhance your control, feel, and follow-through 
  • 304 stainless steel construction for greater durability and longevity
  • A stepped steel shaft for that awesome feel when you’re swinging

What are the advantages of each type of wedge?

The three most commonly-used wedges in golfing all come with their own set of advantages that help you get out of some pretty tight spots as you golf. Being familiar with the benefits of your 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge will allow you to better utilize them on the course and make the most out of each one. 

Here’s what each of these wedges is famous for: 

1. 52-degree wedge

This wedge, otherwise known as the gap wedge, was originally used for bridging the gap, pun intended, between the sand wedge and the pitching wedge. This club is best for getting down and up from those areas that are farther away from the green. 

What’s more, this wedge runs a bit longer than other ones due to its higher loft. This is definitely something to plan for when hitting it. Finally, it can be used for shots you’d otherwise use a sand or pitching wedge for. 

2. 56-degree wedge

This is a wedge that’s more commonly known as a sand wedge. Although there are different lofts for sand wedges, this is the one players use most. This club has a large amount of carry, making it perfect for bunker shots. 

It’s one of the most popular and versatile wedges out there, making it suitable for a wide range of shots. Finally, it’s the wedge that’s easiest to use for high-handicappers, allowing them to drastically improve their game once they get the hang of it. 

3. 60-degree wedge

The higher loft of this wedge makes a huge difference in sending the golf ball flying high, overcoming an obstacle, and then planting it firmly on the green with very little run. They’re great for adding spring to your shot, and they’re amazing for getting out of greenside bunkers. 

What’s more, it’s one of the easiest clubs to handle for high-handicappers, making it a welcome sight in virtually all golfers’ bags. 

When should I use these wedges?

Having a premium 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge set means little without knowing when to use each of these clubs. Exploring the different scenarios in which these different wedges shine will greatly enhance your game and help you overcome the hurdle that’s preventing you from significantly lowering your handicap. 

Let’s see when to use these clubs: 

52-degree wedge

There are several situations in which this wedge is absolutely ideal to use: 

  • Long bunker shots: If you’re in the bunker, and you have a long shot to make, it’s better to use the 52-degree wedge than the sand wedge to get the distance you need. 
  • Approach shots: You can always resort to your gap wedge to hit that perfect approach shot in situations where your pitching wedge is too much length. 
  • Pitches into the green: Go for your gap wedge to pitch into the green if you find it a bit easier to control from certain distances. 

56-degree wedge

This wedge is the perfect choice in various scenarios: 

  • Sand trap exits: If you find yourself in a sand trap, go for your 56-degree wedge to get out of there as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. 
  • Green spins: If you want to make your ball stop in its tracks as you’re approaching the green, the sand wedge could do the trick with its spin capabilities and clubhead speed.
  • Various shots: Finally, you can use your sand wedge for many other shots, including approach shots, bunker exits, and across a variety of distances. 

60-degree wedge

Finally, you can resort to this wedge in any of the following situations: 

  • Pot bunker shots: In bunkers with a very high edge, the 60-degree wedge is the best possible choice due to its loft. 
  • Close-pin bunkers: If you find yourself in a bunker with very little green to work with, it’s time to take out this wedge from your bag. 
  • Greenside chips: There’s no club better suited for getting out of the thick rough than the wedge with such a high loft. 

Where do I buy the best golf wedge set with the 53, 56, and 60-degree wedge?

Carefully choosing your 52-, 56, and 60-degree wedge is an extremely important aspect of assembling a great set of golf clubs. Besides your wedges, you should also look for high-quality single golf irons to purchase if you’re missing one or two, or learn the characteristics of all the different irons in a set if you’re buying them all.

After that, it’s time to start working on your game, and there’s a lot to do here as well. To get started, learn as much as you can about the correct golf terminology. From there, explore the various methods for proper golf course management. Finally, look for some tips on how to prevent common golfing injuries so as not to hamper your game.

But before all that, find the place to get all your clubs from. That’s when you should turn to BombTech Golf. We’re your one-stop shop for all the clubs you need. We design and make top-quality wedges at affordable prices so that all golfers can enjoy premium gear they’d otherwise have no access to. We make golf fun and accessible to everyone. Call us now!

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Everything You Need to Know About One Iron Clubs

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Most golf clubs are designed with varying club head lie angles and in half-inch length increments across a set. So, in addition to the putter and driver, the set contains 12 clubs with 12 different lie angles and lengths. To become a truly well-rounded player, a golfer should learn 12 different swings across 12 different planes, postures, and ball positions.

This approach naturally results in some clubs having more extreme angles and specialized use cases. Easily the most infamous one among these extreme golf clubs is the 1 iron. Learn more about what makes this club so unique and how you can use it to take your own game to the next level.

What is a 1 iron?

Also known as driving irons, the 1 iron are the longest and lowest lofted irons in a player's arsenal. They're roughly equivalent to the 3 or 4 woods, so if you already have a 1 iron in your bag, there's no need to bag a 3 or 4 wood as well.

The driving iron is widely considered to be one of the most challenging clubs. This is mainly due to its loft (14 or 16 degrees), which makes it difficult to use for recreational golfers. Needless to say, driving irons can be extremely potent in the right hands.

Do you need a 1 iron?

As with many other clubs, it depends on your personal style and the situations you tend to find yourself in during a game. Despite their reputation for being unforgiving, 1 irons can be a godsend in specific situations where other, more versatile clubs simply won't cut it.

These situations include:

  • Driving on holes where a regular driver golf club would run into problems, but the 1 iron lays up just short of these problems.
  • When you're under a tree and need a long shot, a 1 iron makes it easy to recover with a good either cut/fade or hook/draw. 
  • When playing into strong wind, a driving iron's ability to reliably send a ball flying under the wind is invaluable.
  • When you need a bump and run under tree branches or through low openings in bushes, but could also benefit from plenty of release when the ball hits the ground.

Of course, at the end of the day, it's ultimately up to you to decide what goes into your bag. Analyze the situations you frequently find yourself in when you play, and consider how and whether a driving iron could help you navigate them effectively.

How far can a 1 iron hit?

As with all shots, there are many factors that determine how far you can send the ball flying with a 1 iron golf club. These include weather, the lie of the ball, and the player's swing. With good technique, men can achieve a distance between 180 and 220 yards, while women can still expect to get over 160 yards. This excellent distance allows the player to potentially reach long par-5s in two shots.

Here are 3 tips on how to get the desired flight with a 1 iron:

  • Keep your head steady. This may sound strange, but aiming your chin at the ball can be extremely helpful when using a long iron. 
  • Work on your directional control. Since single golf irons can be hard to use, focusing on direction first and distance second is recommended. Once you've dialed in the direction control, the distance will come naturally.
  • Practice, practice, practice. As with all aspects of the game, regular practice is necessary to thoroughly familiarize yourself with your golf clubs and make the most of your 1 iron.

Are 1 irons good for beginners?

Although driving irons haven't been used frequently during the past decade, they're undergoing something of a renaissance these days. This is in big part due to the advancements in manufacturing technology that have made newer 1 irons both easier to use and more effective, and helped them carve out their niche in a golfer's bag.

Most commonly, these clubs are used in windy conditions and on tight courses that have firm fairways. The high level of control provided by a 1 iron and the flatter trajectory they produce helps keep the ball under the wind and bouncing along the turf.

Even if they don't plan to use a driving iron regularly in their games, it's still recommended that beginners spend at least some time practicing with one. This will help them get a better understanding of the different club types and form a more rounded playing style in the long run.

Where can I buy single golf irons?

Looking for a great one iron that has all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of the traditional 1 iron? Then you've come to the right place. Here at BombTech Golf, we specialize in designing and manufacturing highly dependable clubs that boast durable materials, competitive prices, and highly attractive aesthetics. By selling directly to our customers via our web store, we're able to offer outstanding value for the money.

We're extremely confident in the quality of our products, as shown by our 60-day guarantee that allows you to return the club if you decide it's not right for you. Our team also has a deep understanding of the game, and regularly shares this knowledge via our blog. Want to learn how to use the 52, 56, and 60 wedges like a pro or where to get an all-black golf iron set? Or perhaps you'd like to take a deep dive into golfing terminology or minimize the risk of injuries while golfing? In any case, we've got you covered!

Visit our online store today or reach out to us directly to learn more about who we are and what has made us so successful!

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All About Black Golf Iron Sets

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Investing in a new set of golf irons is one of the most important moments in any golfers’ life, since irons make your short play a lot easier, more refined, and absolutely enjoyable. That’s why you should look for a high-quality all-black golf iron set for 2022 made by one of the more reputable manufacturers, such as BombTech and their line of 3.0 irons. Once you grip them, you’ll see just what you’ve been missing all this time. 

To choose the best irons for your style of play, you need to learn more about the characteristics and features you should be looking for. However, there’s also a lot to do once you buy them, such as learning how to properly use all of the irons in your set and exploring the different methods for enhancing your game with your new irons. It sounds complicated, but it’s not when you have a good guide through it all. 

Who makes black golf irons?

One of the leading manufacturers of advanced all-black golf irons is definitely BombTech Golf and their 3.0 iron set. This is a company that’s been looking to bring top-quality clubs to all golfers for a long time. Their online-only model allows them to keep their prices low while keeping the performance and the feel of their clubs at an all-time high. 

The best thing about this company is that you have a whopping 60 days to try their clubs out before deciding if they’re a match for you. This way, you get the chance to truly get a sense of each of the clubs and ensure they’re actually going to improve your game, which is a luxury not many manufacturers offer. 

What features should I look for in my black golf irons?

When you’re on the lookout for a set of all-black golf irons that would suit your game, it’s essential to find premium clubs that possess various advanced features that will give you an edge on the golf course. 

These are the most favorable features your golf irons should possess to provide maximum benefits to your game: 

  • 431 step-less stainless steel fats that provide greater shot consistency and feedback
  • Solid weight that allows you to feel the impact and follow-through better
  • An undercut cavity on iron heads used for shifting the center of the club’s gravity to the rear and grants a better moment of inertia
  • Unsupported design of the face enhances the coefficient of restitution over the whole club face
  • A large sweet spot due to higher MOI and deeped CG
  • A forgiving and stable club that allows for easier off-center hits
  • A very generous radius of the sole for easy hits across different turf conditions

What are the characteristics of different irons in a set?

The best way to ensure you’re purchasing the best possible black golf irons is to explore the necessary characteristics each of these clubs should have. This way, you’ll know what to look for in each of the clubs from a set and only buy them once you’re sure they fit the bill. 

Here are the most important attributes of the irons you should look for: 

4 iron

When it comes to your 4 iron, look for one with the loft of 42, lie of 59, and bounce of 2. Also, try to find one that offers the offset of 4 and that’s 38.625” long for best possible performance. Finally, always go for a 4 iron that offers a swing weight of 249. 

5 iron

Your 5 iron should have a loft of 27 and a lie of 60. Also, only purchase this iron if it offers a bounce of 3 with an offset of 4.5 for greater control. The length of the 5 iron should be 38.125” and it should have a swing weight of 256. 

6 iron

The perfect 6 iron needs to have a loft of 31 and a life of 61, alongside a bounce of 3 and an offset of 4. This way, you’ll get the most performance out of your club without sacrificing any of the control. What’s more, look for a club that’s 37.325 inches long and has a swing weight of 263. 

7 iron

The 7 iron in your set of all-black golf irons should have 35 loft, 62 lie, and 3.5 bounce to give you the control you’re looking for. Also, look for a club with an offset of 3.5 and the length of 37.125”. Finally, make sure it offers a swing weight of 270. 

8 iron

An 8 iron needs to have a loft of 39 and a lie of 63, with a bounce of 4 and an offset of 3.5. Anything else would be less than satisfactory. What’s more, ensure this club is 36.625 inches long and that it provides a swing weight of 278. 

9 iron

Your 9 iron should have a loft of 43, with 64 lie and a 5 bounce, combined with an offset of 3. It should also be 36.125 inches long and it needs to offer a 290 swing weight. This way, you’ll make those close shots easy. 

Pitching wedge

Finally, your pitching wedge is one of the most frequently-used iros in your bag. Make sure it offers a 47 loft, 64 lie, 7 bounce, and an offset of 3. This club should be 35.625 inches long and have a swing weight of 298. 

When do I use different golf irons?

The golden rule of using irons is that you should switch to them when you're 200 yards or less away from the green. Another important rule is this – the closer you get to the green, the higher the number of iron you should resort to. 

Also, the lower-numbered irons can be typically harder to hit properly than higher-numbered irons, especially if you’re only starting your journey. All this is something to look out for when choosing which iron from your back you’re going to take. 

How do I hit better irons?

Finally, when you’ve purchased the best black golf irons for 2022 and started using them, it’s important to adopt some tips on boosting your game. Here’s what you can do to hit a lot better with your various irons: 

  • Take your club back easily during your backswing
  • Maintain proper posture throughout the swing
  • Use your entire body to get behind the ball and achieve the distance you need
  • Try taking a divot
  • Stop yourself from helping your ball up and prevent fading shots
  • Try sweeping into contact when you’re using longer irons
  • Take more club than you think might be necessary for the distance you’re aiming for
  • Always make a full backswing
  • Try to set up a bit closer to the ball than you usually would

Where do I find the best all-black golf iron set for 2022?

If you’re only getting into golf, having the right clubs for the job is important, and your set of golf irons is essential for many different scenarios around the course. It’s similar how you should always have a high-quality wedge set with the 52, 56, and 60-degree club. However, if you’ve been playing for some time, you probably have an all-black golf iron set and you should look for single irons with favorable features and characteristics to complete your set. 

From there, it’s important to work on the different aspects of your game as well. First things first, learn everything you can about common golfing terminology. Then, focus on your actual game by learning various tips on mastering golf course management. Finally, see what you can do to prevent yourself from getting injured while golfing and maintaining steady progress. 

However, before you begin with any of this, check out BombTech Golf, your reputable manufacturer of exceptional golf clubs that offer premium performance and feel at a price that won’t make your eyes water. We believe that all golfers, no matter their level of play, deserve only the best. Check out our stock and order your black golf iron set now!

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