9 Ways to Improve Your Game Without a Swing Change

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When you just start golfing, it seems that all you can do is improve. You simply can’t go wrong, even if you’re not putting that much effort into practicing. However, there will inevitably come a time when your game will plateau and when you’ll begin struggling to drastically improve your game. 

The first thing you have to know is that you shouldn’t get discouraged when this happens, as it happens to everybody. Once you stop being harsh on yourself, it’s time to start experimenting with different methods that could get your game off your plateau and over the hump. Getting a great oversized golf driver will help, but so will some other steps you can take. 

How can I improve my game without changing my swing?

It’s great to work on your skill and technique and to practice, but there comes a point when you just don’t know where to take your game anymore. It is at this time that you’ll start hearing advice on changing your swing to keep getting better.

Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing bad about changing your swing, but only when necessary. Sometimes, there are many ways to give your game a proper boost without resorting to a change in your swing. For example, you can get a new golf driver with an oversized head, try out some of the following methods:

1. Grounding the ball around greens

One of the most important ways to improve your game without any huge changes is to play your greens with minimal risk possible. Some of the ways to accomplish this are to take smaller signs and strokes and to try to keep your ball on the ground. The less your ball flies around the green, the smaller the potential for mistakes. 

Putt as often as possible. If you cannot putt, go for a chip by using a club that will keep the stroke small. Finally, if you cannot putt or chip, go for a flop or a pitch, but only as a last resort, as they carry the greatest risk around the greens. 

2. Learning defense

Virtually everybody makes the mistakes of playing too aggressively when they should take a step back and go for a safer shot. If you’re in a situation where only a “hero” shot can give you an edge, it’s best not to take it. Instead, take the easier shot, position your ball the best you can for the follow up, and refrain from playing too aggressively when you really shouldn’t, even though it can be really fun. 

3. Choosing your favorite

It can happen that it’s simply not your day and that you’re not hitting the ball as you’d like to. The clubs just aren’t listening to you. If this happens, it’s time to resort to your favorite – the one club you love and that never lets you down. You should have a go-to club you will use in these situations, and practice different types of shots with it, just in case. Grabbing THE club from your bag will give you a hefty boost of confidence and can help turn things around. 

4. Diagonal wind shots

Remember – if it’s windy, your ball will curve less if you tee off to the opposite side of where the wind is coming from. If the wind is blowing right to left, tee off to the far right in order to offset the wind and get better control of your shot. 

5. Know your carries and yardages

It can be dull, but it will also be extremely helpful to spend a bit of time inspecting the launch monitor to determine the total yardages and the carry you achieve with all the different clubs in your arsenal. This will make it a lot easier to plan different shots and to know if you can pull off the most difficult ones, such as going over water or a bunker. 

6. Technology can be a friend

There’s plenty of technology that can help you become a better player. From knowing the yardages on the course to potential hazards, it can help you learn more about the course you’re playing and play an essential role in your preparation for a round of golf. 

7. Change expectations

Sometimes, you just have to switch your perspective of the course and of each individual hole. Don’t look at an endeavor as, for example, a tough par 4 – think of it as an easy par 5. This way, you’ll be able to approach the shots in a more relaxed manner, helping you play better without stressing out over each shot. 

8. Grab a wedge with a high bounce

Sometimes, a wedge with plenty of bounce will serve as great help to hit bunker and pitch shots and won’t get stuck in the ground. A high-bounce sand wedge can offset some of your minor mistakes, such as slightly closing the face or leaning a bit too much forward. All this allows you to focus more on your game without worrying about the tiniest aspects of your swing. 

9. Accept the imperfections

Finally, know that not every round of golf is going to be perfect, and that you’re going to make mistakes. Probably all the time. And that’s absolutely fine, as nobody plays completely perfectly. Nor can they. Nor should you. 

However, you should also not despair if your game is not going as you thought it would. Embrace all the imperfections and hard times and work through them. Ultimately, this is what’s going to help you immensely. 

Who makes the best oversized golf driver to boost my game?

Knowing how to up your game without drastically adjusting your swing is extremely important for continuing to grow as a golfer. It’s one of the staples of learning the different aspects of the game, alongside learning how to play in wet conditions and becoming familiar with the essential strategies for winter golfing

Also, don’t forget to work on your mental game while golfing and debunk the most common misconceptions about golf. However, know that sometimes, no matter what you do, you’re going to take the uncomfortable road and make changes to your swing in order to enhance your golfing. Finally, and most importantly – find the best clubs for your money.

You can do that easily now by browsing the stock at BombTech Golf. We’re your go-to designers and manufacturers of golf clubs that will get you the yards you’re missing. We have created a golf driver with an oversized head that will send your ball flying off the tee. No middlemen, no overhead – only reasonable pricing, great clubs, and a 60-day return policy. Call us today!

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5 Time-Tested Tips to Improve Your Mental Game

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A player's mindset is a key aspect of any competitive game, and golf is no exception. You can have the best golf wedges on the market and a lower handicap than your opponents, but the quality of your game is still going to be diminished if you're insecure about your swings, obsess over past mistakes, or let yourself get emotional over something that occurred during a match.

In comparison, keeping your cool, viewing things from the right angle, and being able to stay focused during long, intense matches can help you beat even lower handicap players. Having the right mindset is also key when it comes to refining your game and maximizing the enjoyment you get out of golf.

So how do you cultivate this mindset? Is this something you're born with, or can you practice it like any other skill? We're glad you asked, because we've prepared a list of 5 tried-and-true tips that will help you take your mental game to the next level. Keep reading to learn more.

How do I get a good mindset for golf?

First and foremost, make sure you come prepared to the golf course. Get a good night's rest and, if you're a newcomer to golf, make sure you have all the equipment you'll need. There's nothing worse than showing up at the course tired, or having to use an unfamiliar club because you forgot to look for a decent pitching wedge for sale on time.

Here are 5 great ways to improve your golf mindset:

1. Put yourself under pressure when practicing

Regular practice at the driving range is key to improving your shots and building up confidence. However, this type of training doesn't actually teach you what it feels like to be on the golf course, where "every shot counts" and you can't just reach for another ball.

Instead of just hitting the same target over and over again, you should create consequences for yourself and try to beat your best score every time. Every time you're on the driving range, imagine you're on the golf course instead. Use different clubs and try to get the ball into imaginary holes. Get your heart rate up by jogging in place. Pressure yourself as much as you can. All of this will help simulate the excitement of being in an actual match.

2. Stick to the routine you're accustomed to

Experimenting and trying out new things is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, but you really shouldn't do it in the middle of a golf match. Follow the pre-shot routine you've already practiced extensively at the driving range.

By doing what you already know, you'll make it easier for yourself to visualize your shots, gouge the distance, and find the right stance even when you're playing on an unfamiliar course. The familiarity of your routine will also help you stay in the moment and keep doubts or negativity out of your mind while you're taking your shot.

3. Take your headphones off while practicing

Listening to music while on the driving range is a great way to limit distractions and make practice more fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any favors to your mental game. After all, you're not going to be wearing headphones during an actual match, and you'll have to deal with even more distractions than on the driving range. By taking music out of your practice sessions, you'll naturally learn how to ignore distractions and focus on the shot at hand.

4. Invest in the right equipment

Although it's true that a great player can make do with lower quality clubs, it only really applies when they're playing against players who have a significantly higher handicap than they do. For most of us, there's no doubt that using bad clubs puts us at a disadvantage.

This inevitably leads to frustration and self-doubt during a match. Did you miss that put because you genuinely made a mistake, or are your clubs working against you? How much should you adjust your game to make up for the "budget" equipment you're using? Questions like these can and will annoy you and cause you to second-guess yourself, which will negatively impact your mindset and make the game less enjoyable.

That's why, if you're looking to improve your mental game, it's strongly recommended that you find a quality wedge golf club set for sale. By arming yourself with the right tools, you'll be able to focus on your swings, secure in the knowledge that you're not being held back by your equipment.

5. Ignore unsolicited swing advice

Among experienced players, it's generally considered poor form to hand out unsolicited advice, especially during a match. Still, some golfers may feel the need to tell you that "You don't hold your eyes over the balls the way you should," or that "You gotta work on your putting," and so on.

It doesn't matter if they're honestly trying to help you, or if they actually want to throw you off your game: ignore their advice. In fact, stop them before they can say a word. Listening to their comments can only put doubt into your mind and cause you to play worse. If you've practiced, stick to your plan and remain confident.

Who makes and sells the best golf wedges on the market?

BombTech Golf is a prominent manufacturer of quality golf club sets that are famous for their top-grade performance and reasonable pricing. We sell our products directly to our clients via our state-of-the-art online store. This enables us to offer you high quality clubs at a lower price than you'll find anywhere else.

We also strive to help golfers avoid making some of the most common mistakes in golf or improve their game by providing free advice via our blog. Want to learn how to make a successful swing change or see through the most common misconceptions in golf? We can show you how to do all that and more!

Check out the pitching golf wedge club sets we have for sale in our online store, or give us a call if you'd like to ask further questions and learn more about our 60 day guarantees.

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10 Tips on Making a Successful Swing Change

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Changing your swing can be one of the most difficult things to do when you’re a golfer. Your swing is who you are on the course, and having to change it is like having to change your personality. You don’t want to do it, you feel awkward in the beginning, but in the end it all becomes worth it. In golf, changing your personality is something else entirely. 

While treating yourself with a new premium golf club for sale from one of the unique golf brands available on the market will surely boost your game, a change in your swing can transform it and elevate your game to new heights. However, that’s only if you do it successfully, and that’s easier said than done. 

How can I successfully change my swing?

Successfully changing your swing brings a whole new level to your game. However, to reap the benefits of a swing change, you need to do it properly. This process carries its own set of challenges and risks, and you need to be familiar with them to make the most out of your endeavor. 

Here’s how you should approach your swing change:

1. Your flight tells you when it’s time to change

First and foremost, don’t start changing your swing because your golfing buddy who’s more experienced than you tells you to do so. Swing is instinctive as much as it’s technical, and you’re the only one who should decide if it’s not working anymore. Also, don’t start making changes just because you think your swing is becoming boring. Start making changes to your swing if you’re not satisfied with your ball flight, direction, and control. 

2. Refrain from doing it all alone

However, just because you feel and notice it’s time to change your swing doesn’t mean you should only rely on your feeling and comfort while changing it. Instructors like to say that feel and real are very different things, and that’s why you will require the help of a teacher to help you change your swing. 

Picking up new clubs that feel great in the hand is one thing. Making significant changes to your swing requires detailed diagnosis and analysis, and you can’t do everything on your own. 

3. You have to commit to it

Making both minor and major changes to your swing requires a great deal of commitment. This is a process that can last for some time until you start feeling comfortable with your new swing, and it’s a process that requires a lot of patience. 

It will feel unnatural at first, and that will make the entire procedure seem more difficult than it actually is. It’s nowhere near as easy as picking up a premium golf club set on sale from a unique golf club brand, but is incredibly rewarding. 

4. Swing change and swing tips are not the same thing

As useful as adopting new tips on enhancing your swing can be, at least for a brief time, it shouldn't be used interchangeably with a swing change. Everybody loves adopting a swing tip or two to help them achieve a better distance or a more precise shot. 

However, making significant changes to your swing will yield better, more consistent, and in the end a lot more worthy results than simply adopting some tips for your swing. 

5. Doing it right doesn’t mean it feels good

Changing your swing often means that you have to either change your entire motion, make significant changes to your setup and grip, or, most often – both. And that won’t feel comfortable in the beginning, and probably for some time during the process. If it does feel comfortable when you’re just starting to make changes to your swing – it probably means you’re not doing everything right. But don’t fret – it will feel great again once you complete the process. 

6. Adopt slow-motion practices

One of the most important aspects of a swing change is practice, especially slow-motion practice. You can even exaggerate your new movement to get accustomed to them more quickly. Begin very slowly and with plenty of repetition. As you start getting more and more comfortable with the new movement, gradually speed your swing up until you achieve consistency and comfort at full speed. 

7. Get into a good and consistent rhythm

However, getting your swing back up to its full speed is only one part of the puzzle. You also have to adopt a good, solid, and consistent rhythm during every swing you practice to make it worthwhile. Swing is as much about rhythm as it is about speed and flow. 

When practicing, try to ensure you’re swinging in correct and repeatable sequences. This will grant you proper balance, which is necessary for precise and long shots. 

8. Test your swing change

Changing the swing is not only about the practice – it’s also about the testing. So when you become comfortable enough with your new and improved swing, take it out for a test drive to the course. See if it’s helping you in the aspects of your game that warranted a change in the first place. If the results are lacking, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, identify areas of improvement, and get to work. 

9. Pay attention to your short game as well

It’s very easy to become so absorbed in focusing on your driving swing and forget that your short game also requires modification. Working hard to improve your full swing is extremely important, but not at the expense of neglecting your short game and making your chips and putts suffer. 

10. Don’t lose sight of your goal

Finally, remember to not lose sight of the very reason you wanted to change your swing in the first place. This process can take time, and it can get difficult at times. It is then that you need to remember what you’re hoping to achieve with your swing and why you want to improve it. Keeping your eye on the prize will keep you motivated and get you through the inevitable rough patches. 

Which unique golf club brand offers premium golf sets for sale?

Making a change to your swing is important if you notice that something’s simply off in your game. Maybe the distances are low, or your accuracy is lacking. Having a solid swing is just as important as being mentally strong while you golf and not allowing the inevitable setbacks to shake  you up. However, swing changes generally come later.

However, there’s a lot you should do before that. First, explore the biggest misconceptions of golf and see what the biggest mistakes you can make in golf are. And avoid them! Then, see what great benefits golf can bring into your life and learn more about the most important hacks that can boost your game. But before all that – think about the clubs.

And think BombTech! We’re a manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs that offer exceptional performance at an affordable price. We have adopted an online-only model which allows us to communicate directly with clients, eliminating overhead costs. This is how we bring you top quality at a price that doesn’t make your eyes water. Browse our website now!

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10 Common Misconceptions About Golf

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Golf is one of the most misunderstood activities in the world. It’s not surprising that there are a lot of misconceptions about golf, making it hard for newcomers to this beautiful game to distinguish between truth and fiction. Some of the most common myths about golf include that it’s too difficult or not as athletically challenging as some other sports.

And that’s all even before you pick up your clubs. Then new trouble begins – which new golf club types and sets do you choose among the many new club releases for 2021. You can’t play without clubs, but choosing them quickly becomes a tall order. However, even that’s just the start – there are many more misconceptions about golf in circulation. 

What are the most prominent misconceptions in golf?

Some golfing misconceptions will stop you from even giving this beautiful game a try. Others will not only hamper your progress toward becoming a proficient, low-handicap player – they will put a stop to it. Working on improving your game means little if you’re not doing it right. That’s why it’s important to shed some light on the false rumors that can hold you back. 

1. Fast swings equal far hits

Having a fast swing is great, especially in certain situations, but only if you know how to properly implement it and make the most out of it. However, enthusiast golfers often make the mistake of focusing all their effort into making their sting fast, savage, and hard. 

This can actually hurt you in the long run and it’s much more important to make your swings consistent and with a regular speed. Making a good impact with the ball is more important than swinging fast. 

2. Hitting long shots is your primary goal

This is something most golfers come into contact with sooner, rather than later. Sending your ball flying far is a point of pride with people who are just starting off. However, if you’re looking to get better, lower your handicap, and become a more consistent player, long shots should not be your focus. Instead, try to hit precise shots that allow good positioning for the subsequent shots rather than just sending your ball flying far. 

3. Golf requires cautious and slow playing

Yes, you should play golf cautiously and methodically and slowly at times. But that’s not all that golf is, not by a long shot (pun intended). It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing scared golf and failing to experiment. 

The trick is in knowing when to play it safe, and when to go for a far-out shot. In fact, choosing to only play it safe will limit your room for improvement, as golf does require experimentation to get better. 

4. Golf is boring and old-fashioned

This is one of the most prominent misconceptions among the younger generation. To be honest, golf can seem a bit static at first glance. It does have a calm atmosphere around it and it can seem slow to an observer. 

But that’s all until you actually pick up the clubs, step on the grass, and start swinging. The adrenaline is real, the competition palpable, and the desire to succeed immense. And that’s when you’re hooked!

5. Golf is too difficult to learn

Honestly, yes, golf can be tough to pick up. It demands a deal of dedication and perseverance until you actually “start playing” true golf. But it’s not too hard or impossible to learn. 

The slight initial struggle only makes your every ensuing success all the sweeter. The work and the effort you put into becoming a proficient golfer begins to pale the moment you hit the perfect shot down the fairway. 

6. Playing golf is extremely expensive

There’s certainly high-ticket and overly-expensive new 2021 releases of various golf club sets and types you can purchase that will make your wallet thin very quickly. However, scratching past the surfaces and famous brands brings you top equipment at an incredibly affordable price.

There’s no rule that says you have to break the bank to play golf. Just go online and find a golf club manufacturer with an online-only model and see just how less expensive the clubs are without any compromises on the quality. 

7. Golf takes too long

A standard 18-hole golf game can be a commitment of approximately four hours, which can be too much for some people. However, who says you have to play all 18 rounds of golf? You can play nine holes and shorten your day on the field to your liking. 

If you’re really pressed for time, just visit the range and practice your shots. That’s golfing as well, but without the need to play the actual course. So no, golf doesn’t take too long – it takes as long as you like. 

8. Golf is not actually a true sport

This one’s easy to debunk – golf is a sport. Simple as that. Does it involve physical activity? Yes. Does it require skill? Yes. Does it involve competition? It most certainly does. It’s even become an olympic sport, and that’s where all discussion about golf not being a sport should end. 

9. I have to wait and get good until I visit a course

This misconception makes people vary about visiting the golf course for fear of embarrassment. And we understand why. Some people make golf out to be an elite sport where everyone will stare at you if you make a mistake. 

In reality, there’s no reason to be shy. Many golfers would be happy to help you out when you’re starting and give you tips on how to become better. Nobody will scrutinize your mistakes and make you feel bad about learning. 

10. Golf requires proper apparel

No it doesn’t. Although there are still some golf courses that feature a strict dress code, most public courses feature either no dress code, or very little of it. No need for khakis, specific shoes, or collared shirts. No one’s stopping you from enjoying a round of golf in your T-shirt and jeans. 

Who offers the best golf club sets that I can go with in 2021?

When you’re picking up golf, hearing different stories can dissuade you from playing it further. Knowing what the biggest misconceptions are is important. However, you shouldn't stop there, and you should also learn more about the most useful hacks that can boost your game, know what benefits golf brings, and be aware of the common mistakes you can make.

That’s where you start. Then, as you become a more proficient golfer, it’s time to think about improving your mental game and calming yourself on the course, and see whether you need to make any changes to your swing to enhance it. However, before all that, it’s vital to outfit yourself with the best clubs you can buy. And that’s why you should turn to BombTech Golf. 

We are your go-to manufacturer of high-quality and performance clubs renowned for their reasonable cost. We sell our products directly to customers, which allows us to cut overhead costs and give you extra value at an affordable price. Browse our online store and shop premium clubs today!

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10 Common Mistakes Golfers Make

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Golf is an incredibly entertaining, hugely satisfying, and enormously relaxing sport to play. That is, it’s all that once you actually become an actual high-handicapper who is able to finish a golf course. There’s more to golf than simply buying a high-tech BombTech 3.0 golf driver for sale after browsing numerous positive online reviews

Golf requires practice, dedication, and perseverance to get right. In fact, it is one of the most unfriendly sports for newcomers to experience, even with millions of people starting to play every year. And, with new activities come common mistakes you can make before improving your game. 

What are some common mistakes golfers make?

As complex as it can be, learning to play golf properly and utilize the BombTech 3.0 golf driver you got on sale is really fun. Every new thing learned is a massive step in the right direction, especially in your early days. In hand with the things you should do, are also mistakes you should avoid. Here are the 10 most common mistakes golfers make, regardless of their level of play. 

1. Forgetting the fundamentals

Golf is a game of practice, discipline, and perseverance. It rests on the fundamentals of golfing you should try to apply to every single one of your shots with your BombTech 3.0 golf driver, or one of the other clubs from your arsenal. You should never forget the basics of the game, as they are vital for each and every shot. This means never losing sight of your grip, your swing, your preparation, and your strategy. 

2. Going for low-quality equipment

This is one of the most common, if not the most common mistake most newcomers make when starting golf. They think that simply because they lack experience it’s not worth it to invest into a quality set of golf clubs. However, this can harm both your game and your finances down the line.

First off, low-quality equipment and clubs means you will have to replace them quickly, spending more money in the process. Secondly, and most importantly, bad clubs will be difficult to use, they will lower your distance and accuracy, and teach you improper techniques while trying to counterbalance the equipment’s downsides. This is not something you want. 

3. Over-the-top swings

Swing’s difficult to master, but it is definitely something you should master and try to perfect as much as possible. Going for over-the-top swings can seriously hurt your game and hamper your progress. 

Taking your club too far back in an attempt to send your ball flying farther is a very common mistake. The only way to fix this is to exaggerate the exact opposite – trying to make your backswing steep and your downswing very flat. This way, you will overcompensate for your far-back swing and get it into proper alignment. 

4. Becoming too impatient too quickly

If you’ve been golfing for a while, you probably already know that golf can be really hard sometimes, and really really hard in special situations. When you’re just starting out, you’ll get progressively better and better for some time, before finding yourself in a rut, not being able to make further progress. 

This is where impatience kicks in if you let it, which is normal and understandable. However, this is one of the worst things you can do. You have to remain patient, keep practicing, and you’ll get over the hump. Results and proficiency are not something you can rush in golf, and you shouldn’t try to do so. 

5. Placing your short game aside

When you’re a golfing enthusiast, you can easily get into the routine of going for a couple of rounds of long-game play without finishing them off with an actual short game. While short game can seem simpler than those shots with a well-reviewed BombTech 3.0 golf driver, it’s actually neither simpler nor less important. 

6. Failing to strategize

Golf is a game of strategy as much as it’s a game of skill, and failing to envision a clear strategy for each round and hole you play can slow down your progress and lower your results significantly. It’s far more advisable to play tactically sound than to send the ball flying as far as possible with each drive. 

7. Being inconsistent with the shot setup

One of the most important aspects of golf is adequate and consistent shot preparation, and the concentration every golfer gets from this well-established routine. Failing to be consistent with your pre-shot routine will cause you to have poor golf posture, improper balance, and insufficient discipline during each shot, which will harm your distance and precision. 

8. Not using your sand wedge enough

Sand wedge is not only for those areas close to the hole and around the green. While these shots tend to look attractive to the observer, they are very risky, difficult to pull off, and unrewarding if not performed correctly. Limit your use of sand wedge in various scenarios and use other, more appropriate clubs instead. 

9. Going for the hero shots too often

Speaking of pleasing the crowd – it’s far too common for golfers, both low, mid, and high-handicappers, to go for that difficult, hero shot, even when they don’t have to. There’s something about visualizing difficult shots that make it appealing for players to risk it. However, it’s always better to go for a two-shot detour than to risk botching a shot and adding a +3 to your score. 

10. Dreading the bunkers

Finally, many players simply fear the bunkers. While bunkers are in no way a desirable place to find yourself in, they are nothing to fear either. Taking the time to learn how to get out of them will take your game to the next level and allow you to learn how to correct a common problem rather than run away from it. 

Who can help me avoid club-buying mistakes by offering a cutting-edge BombTech 3.0 golf driver for sale?

Golf is an incredible game that is not only fun and fun to play, but one that also introduces a variety of health and other benefits into your life once you improve your golfing sufficiently. However, in order to do that, you have to be familiar with the most common mistakes golfers make and how you can avoid repeating them.

And mistakes come in many shapes and forms. That is why you should keep practicing to boost your short game play, pour a lot of time and effort into enhancing your putts, and also work hard to correct and improve your golf swing, as it is the fundamental of the game. 

However, before and during all that, you need to have the clubs that work.

And not just work well, but work to make your game even better. That is why you should partner with BombTech Golf. We design and manufacture premium drivers and other clubs golfers love at a price you can afford. Don’t settle for good enough when you can have the “don’t believe it’s this good” quality in your hands at the course. Check out our stock online now!

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